How to care for and preserve footwear to extend its useful life?

Even if you buy quality shoes, it is very important that you take care of them and pamper them so that they last like new for longer. To help you do this, we offer you a series of useful, practical and very easy tips to take care of your shoes efficiently. Take note.

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Tips for taking care of shoes: Put them on correctly

If you want to keep the perfect shoes for many years, the first thing you have to learn is to put them on correctly, as simple as that. Do not put them on with the velcro or the laces tied , you will be forcing them and you will end up deforming them. You can also use a shoehorn to avoid damaging the heel.

Keep them well

If you do not know how to care for and preserve your shoes correctly, you have to store them correctly. If you have them all together and scrambled in a drawer or in a closet space, they will go bad right away. Store each pair of shoes in their box or in cotton bags and don’t forget to always include the lasts .

Clean them properly

To keep shoes looking new , clean them properly. Use the right product depending on the material in which it is made but without abusing it. An excessive use of creams can spoil it. Of course, remove the dust with a brush or a chamois frequently.

Don’t wear them every day and save them for the perfect occasion

If you wear the same shoes every day, you’ll end up ruining them in no time. Alternate them with other shoes and remember to leave each shoe for each occasion, it is the best way to extend the useful life of the shoe . Why wear your shoes to go to work with sports shoes specifically for it?

Now that you know how to take care of your shoes , do not hesitate to follow all these recommendations to have them perfect as the first day.


If you are a shoe lover, you cannot miss these six tips to always be ready for any eventuality

Shoes are an essential part of your outfit, so we must always keep them in good condition. In addition, choosing the right footwear is essential if you are a very active person or if you have to attend very important events.

Has it happened to you that your new tennis shoes get damaged very quickly? Have you broken a heel or have you got a blister with them? It is time for you to know some infallible tips to keep your shoes in optimal condition.

1.- Caps for your heels

If you are a shoe lover, you cannot miss these six tips to always be ready for any eventuality
The biggest nightmare of every woman who wears heels is that one will break at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, it is best that you invest in a pair of heel caps that will allow you to walk on any kind of terrain without that fear. It is better to be prepared for any eventuality.

2.- Eliminate wrinkles from tennis shoes

Shoes are an essential part of your outfit, so we must always keep them in good condition

When you buy your new tennis shoes, you don’t want to even step on puddles or go through places with dirt or grass. However, eventually your footwear will wear out and may even appear prematurely old if you don’t take good care of them. If this has already happened to you, we give you some advice so that you can eliminate the wrinkles that appear in them and thus regain their semi-new appearance. To do this, just place a wet cloth on the wrinkles of your tennis shoes and rub it gently with a steam iron. It won’t remove them completely, but you will notice the difference.

3.- The annoying blisters

One of the worst things that can happen to your new shoes is blisters. It is a real nightmare, because you will feel pain when dancing, walking or simply wearing them. If you want to avoid it, just smear the heel area with clear gel deodorant.

4.- Comfortable sandals

Sandals are a great option for the summer, as they will allow you to stay cool without sacrificing your look. However, they can also hurt you if the straps are hard and you wear them for a long time. To avoid this, we recommend covering them with a soft cloth. Your feet will thank you.

5.- Eliminate bad smell from tennis shoes

If your shoes already smell bad, we recommend placing unused tea bags in your tennis shoes

Bad odor is a big problem in sports shoes. If your shoes already smell bad, we recommend placing unused tea bags in your tennis shoes . We assure you that they will absorb any unpleasant traces and you can continue to wear your favorite shoes.

6.- The perfect footwear

Hasn’t it happened to you that you go to a shoe store, you measure yourself a pair and for that night they no longer fit? This is normal because as the day progresses our feet swell. That is why we recommend you go to buy your pairs in the afternoon or evening to be able to find the ideal size and thus not hurt you.

If you are a shoe lover you cannot miss these six tips to always be ready for any eventuality

With these tips, your relationship with your shoes will be much easier. Dare to put them into practice!

Easy way to put wallpaper on tiles for budget decoration

The wallpaper is fashionable and it is increasingly present in homes. It has become one of the main decorative trends today and the best alternative to painting, with many people who choose to decorate the walls of living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, etc. with wallpaper. But what about those tiled walls, like the bathroom or kitchen?

Can you put wallpaper on tiles? This is the question we all ask ourselves when we think of wallpapering the walls of our bathrooms or kitchens with the aim of renovating the decoration, and giving a new look to the conventional and boring tiles of these spaces.

The answer is yes, you can put wallpaper on tiles , but taking a number of considerations and nuances into account. It will take a little more work, since in addition to preparing the walls, you will have to use a vinyl wallpaper , but it will undoubtedly be worth it, because you can create a very personal, cozy, original and above all exclusive atmosphere.

The wallpaper adhesive is breathable, washable and leaves no bubbles once placed , which greatly facilitates installation and maintenance

If you are considering the possibility of putting wallpaper on tiles , pay attention and take note, since from Papel & Deco we give you a series of tips and guidelines for placing wallpaper on tiles , with which you will renew the appearance of your bathroom walls and cook and you will get the best results. Let’s go there!

How to put wallpaper on tiles?

Installing wallpaper on tiles is more complicated than on a plastered wall, since a preliminary work must be done to avoid imperfections . Otherwise, the result will leave much to be desired.

That is why in this post we are going to tell you everything you need to know to place wallpaper on tiles correctly , so that you can wallpaper a tiled wall and enjoy a spectacular result that even exceeds your expectations.

# 1- Prepare the wall

The tiled walls have separation joints between the tiles, therefore it is not possible to put wallpaper to cover the tiles directly , since otherwise these joints will be noticeable, obtaining a very different result than expected.

To use wallpaper on tiles, the first step will be to smooth the wall by filling in the joints between tiles . For this you will need putty and a spatula, and little by little you will fill in the joints and possible imperfections with care, until the wall is completely smooth.

If the tiles are very deteriorated, you can cover the entire tiled surface with an outdoor putty , and then apply a universal primer.

# 2- Choose the wallpaper for tiles

Once the wall is ready, it’s time to choose the tile wallpaper you want to install. They must be vinyl wallpapers , which have a layer of PVC that insulates them from water and humidity and makes them more resistant. Also, they are much easier to clean.

# 3- Use prepared vinyl glue

You have prepared the wall and chosen the tile wallpaper, and now it is the turn to place the wallpaper on tiles .

Since the tiles are not porous, a ready-made vinyl glue or powdered glue reinforced with 20% white glue must be used , which will facilitate the laying of the paper, achieve the best results and guarantee that it will not peel over time. .

From our experience, we recommend avoiding wallpapers on tiles in areas of water , such as the area of ​​the sink or shower, since in these areas the paper will spoil sooner than it should, since splashes occur and there are high humidity levels .

If you are still willing to take the risk and are determined to put paper in areas of water, you could install a piece of methacrylate on the paper , to avoid it getting too wet. It will look great and will provide greater resistance!

The best option on the wallpaper market is fiberglass and resin finish coatings , which are much more resistant and durable for areas in direct contact with water, as they are designed to cover exterior walls. The problem is that these coatings have a higher price, which may not be suitable for all pockets. Consult us in case they are of interest to you .

At Papel & Deco we have a wide variety of wallpaper for kitchen and bathroom tiles , which will offer you excellent results.

Cleaning leather in a different way: how it works with home remedies

Cleaning leather can vary in difficulty – after all, there are different types of method to do so. But often the problems can be mastered with home remedies.

Bags, shoes or sofas made of leather have many advantages, as the material is relatively robust, breathable and impermeable to water. But even leather becomes greasy and unsightly over time – or stains are difficult to hide on light and white leather. So it is good to know that it is relatively easy to clean it with home remedies.

Here you can read tips:

Fortunately, the natural material leather does not have to be cleaned too often.

Cleaning real leather: this is how it works with detergent

Before you even start cleaning leather, it’s a good idea to get rid of dust and other easy-to- clean debris . This works best with a vacuum cleaner on a sofa or car seat. Garments can be treated well with a soft brush. Then wash real leather – whether it is a bag, shoe or sofa – with distilled water or a neutral soap . This is important because normal tap water could cause white spots to form due to the lime it contains.

If the dirt is a bit more stubborn, add a little grease-dissolving washing-up liquid to the distilled water – just do not use any cleaning agents that are too harsh to avoid damaging the material. Then slowly remove the stain from the outside to the inside so that it does not spread any further. Be careful not to rub too hard. Simple massaging movements should be enough.

Clean smooth leather: Use curd soap

If you want to clean your sofa or an item of clothing with curd soap, you should always make sure that it is slightly foamed. Do not try to rub the leather with dry soap. Then first select an inconspicuous part of the leather where you can test the effect of the curd soap. In general, you should n’t clean the leather extensively and excessively with curd soap – it is better to proceed in stages and let this part dry first before you start the next section. Also, it is better to repeat the process than to dip the surface in too much curd soap.

After you have cleaned the leather with the curd soap, you should grease it with a little care milk or a pure leather grease . Otherwise the curd soap will dry out the material too much.

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Home remedies: How to clean smooth leather from stubborn stains

Tired of greasy stains or soiling on the leather? On top of that, you don’t have a special leather cleaner available at the moment? Then try hair shampoo . Dissolve this in warm water and massage it into the smooth leather. The leather must then dry thoroughly, either on the clothesline or on the sofa and car seat with the window open.

Cleaning synthetic leather: How to tackle stains

Real leather is qualitatively better, but it is all the more expensive. That is why we often buy products made of artificial leather, especially when it comes to clothing. This also needs cleaning every now and then. You can use baby wipes for this. They contain oils that absorb dirt and at the same time donate moisture to the material. You can also use mild detergent that you have dissolved in lukewarm water. With both methods, however, test beforehand on an inconspicuous area whether the material has changed adversely.

Also interesting: cleaning upholstered furniture? These home remedies do the job for you.

Clean leather with a dirt eraser

A dirt eraser should not be confused with the school eraser. This is namely an open-pored sponge made of melamine resin , which picks up the dirt particles when rubbed on the surface and dissolves at the same time. The dirt eraser becomes a little smaller with every use. But it is very practical, especially with leather: You can simply run it along the soiled stains or dark stripes on light leather and carefully “erase” them. It couldn’t be easier!

How to clean the leather sofa with vinegar and linseed oil

In combination with each other, vinegar and linseed oil make the perfect leather polish. For this you need equal parts of household vinegar and linseed oil – about 300 milliliters of both . Then first boil the linseed oil and let it cool down briefly. Then the vinegar is added and the whole thing is mixed together. Apply the resulting polish to the surface of the sofa with a soft cloth. If you are satisfied with the result, wipe again with a dry cloth until the leather is polished clean.

10 types of beautiful flowers for you to decorate your home

The truth is that there are many types of flowers with which you can decorate your home. We know that many people love to decorate with flowers so here we will tell you which are the most suitable types of flowers for your home.

Apart from the carnation, there are many flowers that are used, above all, for the decoration of homes. Therefore, here we are going to tell you which are the most beautiful flowers for your home . Which one is your favorite?

Flowers are part of the best ornaments in our home, look at these types

Types of flowers for you to decorate your home

1 – Carnation

The truth is that the carnation is the flower par excellence (it is the one that is sold the most and that is most cultivated) . It is a herbaceous plant that is part of the Caryophyllaceae family, widespread in the Mediterranean regions.

And it is really very interesting to know that it is spontaneous in the flora of the Iberian Peninsula. Among all the types of carnations, they are perfect for decorating your home , whites as they signify harmony and peace, two good features for a home.

2 – Pink Roses

Who doesn’t love being given one and then placing it in a little vase? This is one of the typical flowers. It is the flower of rose bushes, climbing plants or shrubs (sometimes hanging), commonly thorny, that reach 2 to 5 meters in height, sometimes they can reach 20 m by climbing on other plants.

There are many types of roses, but in general they all signify the absence of all evil, tenderness and good feeling. Therefore, we can put them anywhere in our home , for example, the bedroom.

3 – Jasmine

It is about the genus Jasmine, of which about two hundred species receive the common name of jasmine. They ascend like bushes and others as climbers on other plants or guided on structures.

Therefore, it is understood that jasmine is used to decorate house facades, but you can also use it for interiors. Jasmine in general signifies purity, simplicity, modesty and strength.

4 – Amaryllis

This selection of flowers for you to decorate your house is really amazing our house this spring, we culminated with the Amaryllis, a very attractive tropical bulbous plant thanks to its large and showy flowers.

5 – Tulip

When we speak of tulips, we refer to the “tulipa” plant. Tulipan is a genus of perennial and bulbous plants that are part of the Liliaceae family, which contains the popular tulips, a common name for all species , hybrids and cultivars of this genus.

6 – Orchid

Orchids are a family of monocotyledonous plants that are different from others due to the complexity of their flowers. Orchids are perfect home flowers because they are very beautiful, elegant and attractive.

In case you want to have them in your home, it is better to transplant them so that they are preserved for a long time. Its meaning in general is related to seduction , beauty and sensuality.

7 – lisianthus

Lisianthus is a flower that may seem a bit delicate to you, but it resists very well once it is cut. The truth is that some varieties look like miniature roses , and their diversity of colors will make them fit any environment.

8 – Begonia

In the case of begonia, we come up with a genus that includes around 1,500 species. There are so many varieties that we can get begonias of all colors, but in all cases we have very decorative flowers that we can put in any space in the house.

This flower means patience and it is one of the most beautiful .

9 – Lavender

Lavender, as it is more popularly known, is a type of plant in the Lamiaceae family, which has about sixty species. This flower stands out mainly for its incredible aroma and for being a medicinal plant with calming properties, and consequently, it is usually present in many houses.

It is also very curious that the meaning of the lavender flower is associated with the Roman Empire, when it was used in bath water. In any case, it means purity.

10 – Sunflowers

Sunflowers are one of the most cheerful types of flowers. If you want to decorate your home and see every colorful corner, this is the one for you. Sunflowers are an excellent gift for any occasion and in case you get to receive some, do not hesitate to put them in water and decorate a corner of your house.

Wall stickers: transform the walls of your house

Decoration trends come and go, and fashion dictates new styles. We do not mean that you have to change the decoration of your home every month, but you can adapt it quickly, easily and cheaply, following the culture that everyone talks about, that of DIY. Make your wall decals!

And if there is an element in any house that offers a lot of decorative possibilities, it is the walls, authentic blank canvases where you can unleash your creativity. Here are a series of ideas that will give your walls a new, fresh and very original touch.

walls with stripes or circles painted with the drag technique

Wall stickers

Elegant and sophisticated, fun and colorful, with a children’s theme or more sober … Wall stickers have gained many followers in recent years. And they are a very simple option to give our home a facelift and improve it! In addition, you can find many different designs, which you can fit in the different rooms of your house according to the style you want to achieve in each one.

And for you to check it, go to our website and check the decorative canvas models that we have for you. Meanwhile, we leave you these ideas that will surely inspire you.

Don’t limit your creativity! It is true that vinyls look great in the living room or bedroom, but why not try placing them in other spaces? You are sure to be surprised by the results!

Scotch tape

If you like doing DIY decoration work, you will appreciate the great potential that adhesive tape has! You will only need a little ingenuity and voilà! … A normal room can become a trendy room.

Shapes and drawings with masking tape

And of course, keep it simple: it’s not about making a hyper-realistic composition with Japanese tape! You can opt for simple geometric compositions, so fashionable today, that will give a very special and modern touch to your walls.


Wallpaper is one of those classics that has returned a few seasons ago, and it seems to stay. Admittedly, it has enormous power to transform a room into a wonderful room. Also now there is a type of removable wallpaper; vinyl, self-adhesive and very easy to install. Doesn’t it seem like an ideal solution?

Colorful paint

If you are one of the daring, we encourage you to go one step further and try mural painting

Why a solid color? Try making color compositions. You can come up with a geometric drawing like the ones we show you in the part of the adhesive tape, and fill each part with a color. The results are sure to surprise you!

As an advice we will tell you that when choosing the color palette, it is always better to opt for harmonious colors with each other. Making strident color contrasts can create environments that are too aggressive , or even make a room seem smaller than it really is.

If you are one of the daring, we encourage you to go one step further and try mural painting. It may seem a bit risky, but a creative composition on one side of the wall, combined with others in solid colors, will bring a lot of life to the room! You do not need to complicate yourself. If you start from the geometric compositions that we have just shown you and put a little imagination into them, you can create mountain landscapes like the ones we show you below. In a living room on the sofa, they will be luxurious!

Another idea that will surprise you with its results is to decorate your walls with stripes or circles painted with the drag technique. What does it consist of? Very simple: you must apply two coats of semi-matte paint on the wall. Once dry, you apply a coat of oil-based varnish and before it dries you quickly drag with a long, dry brush in the desired direction. It will be surprising!

Decorative prints and patterns on the walls

Try making color compositions. You can come up with a geometric drawing like the ones we show you in the part of the adhesive tape

The decorative technique of stamping dates back centuries. It consists of lightly pressing a stamp (with the desired motif) on the wall, and previously soaked in paint. The ideal is to do it in a tone very similar to that of the wall and that excessive contrasts are not created. Check out this idea!

On the other hand, a very widespread resource nowadays is to use decorative patterns. You can make them yourself at home, or buy them in specialized stores. The result in both cases will be phenomenal.

As you can see, you have many resources to transform the rooms of your house and give them that modern and current touch that they are asking for. In addition, you can always combine them with other decorative elements such as paintings, clocks. We encourage you to take a look at the decoration collection. You are sure to find the perfect accessory for your walls: we guarantee that your house will change completely and also the sensations that you will be able to transmit through its decoration.


The key to being at home all year round is having a pleasant climate, no more, no less. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about the different air conditioning systems for your home -air conditioning, ceiling fan, nebulizers, etc., what are their characteristics and what aspects you should take into account to know if they are suitable for your needs.

Air conditioning is one of the most frequent air conditioning systems since a stable temperature is achieved in a short time


Air conditioning is one of the most frequent air conditioning systems since a stable temperature is achieved in a short time, it is operated with a remote control and there are some devices that can provide both heat and cold, depending on the mode in which be activated.

There are different types of air conditioning:

From window: they are those located on the facade of the building or near the window, which is characterized by low cost but often also require more energy to operate.
Split: you can find two models, ceiling split or wall split. They are characterized by being more aesthetic and less noisy, having a unit inside the house and another outside in the window or terrace of the house. The ceiling split is usually more expensive than the wall split since it usually has more power.
Portable: as its name suggests, it is a ventilation system that you can move around the house since it does not require installation, but they usually have less power than the rest of the options.


We have to highlight ceiling fans over other air conditioning options for several reasons, starting because it is a system that does not use refrigerant gases that end up being harmful to the environment.

Other interesting advantages of this option is that they are easy to install, have a low energy expenditure , are less harmful to health by not drying out the air, it can give you the extra advantage of reducing the number of mosquitoes in your room by causing drafts They do not generate noise and can really be very decorative and even include light in the device.

We emphasize the decorative thing because in the market you can already find all kinds of designs. Forget about the classic blades in sight, which really have a special charm, but if you have a more modern decorative style at home you can find absolutely everything in specialized stores. This store works with quality brands, combining functionality with style, which is a ceiling fan that is a great element to opt for light and ventilation without losing style. More than describing it, I show you in this video:

Interestingly, many combine ceiling fans with air conditioning to reduce the energy consumption of the latter and achieve a more humid air, which can be a fact to take into account for your physical and economic health.

For those who have a large garden or terrace, you can also find ceiling fans suitable for outdoors, generating a more refreshing and comfortable climate even outside the house.


In addition to the ceiling fans you have other models such as: tower, floor, floor and tabletop. These are characterized by being able to relocate them whenever you want in any other area of ​​the house and have different powers and speeds, some of them can be operated with a remote control or with a timer, they are practical and you can find some very cheap models.

Are you worried that your fan will detract from the decoration of your home? I assure you that today you can find fans with impressive modern designs , which will seem like one more decorative element in your home rather than a fan itself.


Nebulizers are an ideal and specific air conditioning system for outside the home . It is very likely that you have seen it in some terraces of bars and restaurants, because it is a device that manages to cool an open place through the spray of water in very cold drops that when in contact with the air evaporate and get reduce ambient heat. Therefore, if you have a terrace or garden area that you would like to use more but the heat slows you down, foggers can be a great option.


Christmas is coming and nothing better than anticipating it by thinking about how to decorate your garden with Christmas lights. The lights garden will let you create a cheerful environment and if the distribution is appropriate, will give this important area of the house the necessary privacy so you can enjoy dinners with friends and family or simply contemplate a beautiful place decorated with the Christmas spirit. The LED lights are the perfect choice for this type of venture as they consume little electricity and can be purchased in cold or warm tones as you want to create a family environment or minimalist. Do you want to know how to decorate your garden with Christmas lights? Keep reading for the best tips and recommendations on this type of decoration.

Mulberry Home Christmas Light Display – The Alexander Lights


The first thing you should do before decorating your garden with Christmas lights is to decide where you want to place them and what effect you want to achieve. The following tips will help you set your preferences:

LED lights resist contact with water and this makes them perfect for decorating the vegetation in your garden. In this sense, you can choose to highlight some plants that are exotic or, with the Christmas spirit in mind, decorate a single tree . If you want to build your Christmas tree in the garden, you will need to get white or colored lights and wrap them around the trunk and branches.

Decorate the passageways with LED lights is a good way to give it a more homey look to your home. Lights that invite, for example, to the front door or that lead to a swimming pool will give your garden a warmer appearance.

If your garden has tables and decorations, you can light them up to make them stand out. In addition, you can place Christmas centerpieces that include lights and decorative objects, such as pinecones, or you can add decorations, such as snowmen or reindeer figures, and wrap lights around them to give your garden a true Christmas decoration.


Another way to decorate your garden with Christmas lights is to illuminate the exterior of your house. Decorate the wooden fences with lights, balls and ribbons in green, red, silver and gold, and use the same criteria for the rest of the house. If you choose less traditional colors, you will be able to maintain the same decoration throughout the year.

You can hang string lights in the windows and place a wreath made from plants from your own garden on the front door. You can even use other materials to make more original crowns, such as felt and balls of wool; No matter what material you use, don’t forget to wrap the wreath in Christmas lights when you’re done putting it together.

Christmas is approaching and taking this opportunity to decorate the corners of your house is a good way to anticipate these festivities. The garden is one of the preferred environments to use lights in decoration and, in this sense, Christmas lights will give your home a very warm look. LED lights are very versatile and, as you will see, they can be used in many projects to decorate your garden.

Vinyl or decorative glass for windows and renovating your interior

There are times when no specific time, season or holiday is necessary to materialize a modification in the home decoration. You want a change because yes, and far from wall decoration , we want to materialize it in some element of our home that we have not yet subjected to change. Today it’s time to talk about the windows and we want to present you a couple of options to carry out the decoration of your windows while you change their appearance and fill them with life. We talk about vinyl and decorative glass for windows, so that you can choose among these modalities which one best suits the result and specific need you want to obtain. Come on let’s get started!

Decorative vinyls

Decorative vinyls are undoubtedly one of the most popular options today. And it is not surprising, since its incredible prices, easy installation and that offer the possibility of doing without them or giving way to another model sporting a new look, gives our home an extra set that offers our windows a lot versatility.

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Enjoy the changes in record time

A little patience and a good hand will be more than enough to achieve great results with the new decoration of the windows of your windows. Depending on the surface to be covered, materializing its placement will be a matter of investing what it takes to have a coffee.

You will find designs for all tastes

From the most storied to the most minimalist and simple, there is a wide variety of decorative vinyl for windows in general on the market , covering all decorative tastes and styles. Acid vinyls that allow light to pass through but interrupt visibility through them to gain privacy, simple and careful details that will give a different and original touch to your room, models that are capable of imitating textures or specific materials.

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Easy placement

Dressing the windows with vinyls, in addition to being quick, does not require having to resort to specialized labor. You will need little and you will have to take into account to get to it. Make sure the crystals are clean before starting, get some scissors, a cutter, a pencil or marker (depending on the material and color of the vinyl you are going to place) and a dry cloth to put pressure on the surface, thus eliminating the air that may remain between the material and the glass . And that’s it? You may wonder. Well yes, as simple as that! Practice, patience and good good will do the rest for you to look great.

Decorative glass for windows

Every day the idea of ​​being able to distinguish between vinyl and decorative window glass is less obvious. Techniques change, results in terms of finishes improve, and many times distinguishing between the two requires being close to the surface to differentiate them. However, no one doubts that being in front of a glass decorated through its own composition or manually modified on its surface, presents results that are as handcrafted as they are cared for that do not go unnoticed before our eyes.

Visual and careful results

When it comes to hand painted crystals, there is no technique that can shade them. And it is that the results obtained after carrying out a job of such care and dedication, makes the results speak for themselves. Obviously, the time to materialize such a finish will require many hours of painstaking craftsmanship, so comparing one technique with another when obtaining a result of great sensitivity and beauty is pure fiction .

Changes for life

That if, after the materialization of a work like this, I think that I do not even have to tell you that the modification of the surfaces whether the composition of the material itself is modified (if we change it color, for example) or if it is painted or sculpted its surface is for life. So it will be very important that you are clear from the beginning what type of modifications you are going to make effective and in what dimension and quantity . And it is that you will have to live with them for centuries and centuries, and that, depending on your lifestyle and tastes, may fit you perfectly or not quite square.

Which one to keep?

Both are original and visual ideas to decorate your windows , but without a doubt, there are clear and notable differences between the two. While the use of vinyls allows you to spend little time and money in placing them yourself, decorative window panes represent an investment in these same two factors to consider, in addition to having to have specialized labor to carry out the work . The first option will also allow you to change the aspect surfaces whenever you feel like it. The decorative crystals will require a change of the entire piece to change its aesthetics.

Without a doubt an application a matter of taste, sensitivity and lifestyle. Betting on one option or another only depends on you, so… what are you waiting for to start incorporating decorative window glass in your home?

Decorative Bedroom tricks that will allow you to sleep better

Rest is essential. Sleeping at least 8 hours and doing it in good conditions allows us to face the day with energy. That is why it is so important to do everything possible so that the necessary conditions are met so that comfort and relaxation take over our bedroom.

With that objective in mind, I have encouraged myself to prepare this article, in which I share several tricks that will help you sleep better. They are not like taking a sleeping pill, but I assure you that any help counts. And even without a prescription!

Decorative Bedroom tricks that will allow you to sleep better

Do not skimp on the purchase of the mattress and pillow

Few investments are as important as the mattress or pillow that you will use every day to sleep. Do not spend so much on furniture or decoration and prioritize the quality of something that you will be grateful for every day you get up. Remember that both mattresses and pillows have a useful life for a few years, and that when the day to replace them comes, you have to do it without thinking twice. If we don’t, it is likely that we will start to have back pain and neck pain.

The size of the bed

Not only do we have to assess that the mattress and pillow guarantee us a good rest, but we must also look at the size of the bed, since if it is not big enough we can have back problems due to the discomfort that this can cause. . It should be large both in width and length, because it is not a plan that the feet go out underneath.

Be careful with the proportions

We all would like to have a huge bedroom, but unfortunately the square meters can be scarce and that means that we have to manage to have everything we need without eliminating passageways. Seeing that everything is very overloaded and that we can hardly access from one place to another in the bedroom can also affect our sleep. The good thing is to clear everything to the maximum and opt for a minimalist decorative style or close to what we understand as such.

Feng Shui also has something to say

You may not be a fan of what Feng Shui promulgates, but it never hurts to know that what it recommends is that the bed be the main element of the bedroom. In addition, it must not be aligned with the door or the windows, but it must be visible from the door. On the other hand, especially when it comes to a shared bed, it should have access from both sides.

Comfortable bedding

Another essential in any bedroom is bedding, which has a particularly relevant influence when the cold makes an appearance. It is true that design matters, but do not neglect the quality and comfort that sheets, duvets, etc. can offer. The Egyptian cotton is the best material to choose from , but logically is not exactly cheap. Hence, the most normal thing is to opt for pima cotton, although there are also other options such as linen (it is not cheap and is recommended in hot environments) or synthetic (cheap and durable, although not so comfortable).

Color therapy

Colors influence our mood and can make it more or less difficult for us to sleep. Light and soft colors are the most recommended, such as pastel. We must avoid intense colors and do not choose tones like orange, red or yellow, since instead of relaxing what they do is activate us.

A good scent can help you fall asleep

We love candles, which in addition to serving to decorate can help us sleep. How? Thanks to a series of aromas that, due to their properties, are able to facilitate the relaxation process that is so necessary. Aromatherapy is proven to work, and that’s where lavender and orange blossom stand out . In addition, sandalwood fights anxiety and both valerian and mandarin can help you find the relaxation you crave. The smell of paint and humidity do the opposite, so do your best to keep them at bay.

Tidy up the bedroom with your head

Your whole house should be tidy, the bedroom being one of the areas that most demand that responsibility of having everything in its place. On the other hand, it is a dangerous stay in that sense, since many times we take off our clothes to go to sleep and we fall into the temptation of accumulating them in a chair, for example. The same thing happens with accumulating a multitude of objects on the nightstand. Believe it or not, all this can affect you at bedtime, because disorder does not generate peace and tranquility , but rather the opposite. Get used to not leaving anything in the way and find a place for everything.

Don’t forget about cleaning

It is not nonsense and I am convinced that you have noticed. Cleaning the room well makes us sleep better , especially if we have any type of allergy to dust. Of course, you do not have to clean a few hours before going to sleep, since otherwise we run the risk that the dust is still floating, which can be a significant problem for people who suffer from allergies. The fact of having rugs, stuffed animals and other textiles make dust accumulate easily, so it must be taken into account if you have any type of rejection of these happy particles.