Ideas to decorate pop art style

Would you like to decorate your home in pop art style but do not know where to start? Do not worry! Today we intend to lend a hand for this purpose, so we will give you plenty of ideas to get you going inserting them into your home.

However, before you start you have to know that the furniture is a key part in this type of decoration and, although it is not necessary to change all the furniture to make your house acquire that spirit pop art, it is necessary to transform itself to achieve the desired look. Without further ado, begin with our ideas for decorating your home pop art style.

Colored walls

A good idea to decorate your home with this style is to paint the walls of colors. It is not even necessary for you to worry to combine a wall painted in a bright color, like purple, lilac or pink, with the decorations for the house, as this style is based on striking.


On the other hand, you can put large soft sculptures inside your living room or in other rooms, which adds a touch of most space museum. If this type of sculpture do not convince you, you can replace posters or even decorate yourself. Also, you can insert pictures with favorite animated cartoons children or your childhood.

the furniture is a key part in this type of decoration


One way to introduce pop art in your home is upholstered chairs with screens that have prints of drawings just mentioned. Also, you can add some modern cushions in bright colors.

ideas for decorating your home pop art style

In the kitchen

In the kitchen, you can install a floor of black and white tiles and place some pictures of Marilyn Monroe. Putting classic soda bottles on the shelves or cereal labels on the doors is also a good idea.

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