How to decorate your house according to your zodiac sign

We saw how to decorate your house according to your personality but today we will go one step further by helping you to do so depending on what your zodiac sign. The idea is that through balancing the decor get your key strengths and give your home a unique personality. If you are a water sign, fire or air they’ll like different things in your home … We’ll tell you then.
which also serve as inspiration to create and reflect the passion and optimistic character of this sign


Aries is a fire sign who likes bright colors like orange, red or purple , which also serve as inspiration to create and reflect the passion and optimistic character of this sign. He likes the simple, comfortable rooms without major ostentation. As a lover of books, he loves to use them to decorate.


They are emotional and sensitive people who like to put in your home images of romantic touches that evoke their nature or their past. A tank is a perfect place to be in union with their liquid element supplement. You may also like to decorate with items that remind the sea and some artwork. It is a water sign that loves blue colors.


This sign is very traveler and culture , so that your home decor include decorative elements of other countries , as well as books. He does not like spaces recharged and to harmonize their features will go nicely complements bronze.


Geminis like big rooms and large windows. Also the stairs and books, placed on a shelf or on a coffee table in the lounge. Her favorite colors to decorate will be the blue, white, blue and yellow .


Your bet is decorated with an air of nobility and sophistication , with Victorian style , for example, because he likes what is chic. The golden and purple hues are the favorite of Leo, are glamorous as every king deserves zodiac. Whenever possible, you have a fireplace and an entertainment area.


Libra is lover of art and beauty , so at home there will be some paintings or sculptures showing their aesthetic taste. For that is as comfortable in harmony at home you will need to live in environments clear sight. No shortage of great photographs with that special person you share your life, it is the sign of the couple.


Aquarius is loving decoration vintage but with some modern touches, like recycling and reusing furniture and live on a high floor.


In home decoration Tauro found a large furniture, carpets and comfortable spaces in pastel shades and colors like green or brown, with plants and flowers, because he likes to integrate nature in their daily lives. As a lover of luxury will not lack evidence proving that taste for the finer things.


They love the strong, edgy, stylish, varied and with different colors, with a predilection for red, burgundy or black decoration. A passionate decoration , as his own personality.


People with the sign of Cancer especially love a home that convey warmth and security . To do this put pictures of family and childhood to give positive energy. The ornaments are silver or steel and favorite colors are blue, purple, orange or red, shades also symbolize her love and romantic character.


Lover of order and the practical things above decorative trends. They love a sober decor and opt for colors like brown, green or gray furniture or walls. They also like white because its sign is a predilection for purity and accessories, furniture or small spaces, due to the influence of Mercury.


He likes classic styles in decorating, crafts, showing that certain sophistication and material of stone or marble. Attach importance to show their achievements to everyone at a place that will enable the house to put those awards or accolades they have.

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