Easy Tips for a grand entrance

You may have a reception at home a little bland or do not know how to decorate it to make it to match the rest of the house or just to make you feel good, this space is often forgotten. The receiver of any home is a very important part of the house because it’s the last thing you see when you leave home and the first thing that greets you upon arrival, and just for this and deserves a special decoration.

Usually small but with great potential spaces if imagination is used, because in addition to welcoming you can create practical and functional as your daily needs. The hall is ideal for storing bags instead, keys, shoes, umbrellas … and of course without lumping all! The receiver must be the first tidier house and where the organization and good taste make a difference place.

put a nice shoe at the entrance of your home

A mirror

Hang a mirror in the hall is an excellent idea because in addition to space and light to this small space, will be doing practical. This way you can look at you before you leave the office to see that all is well and you can see your image as you walk through the door. Adapt the size and style of the mirror depending on how you want to be your receiver.

You can combine it with a hall table, an umbrella stand floor, vases with flowers … what makes you feel better!

A shoemaker

I do not think we are few people whom we like to use different shoes every day, but I’m sure nobody likes tripping over loose pairs of shoes in the middle of the house. If you have many shoes and do not know what to do with them, a good idea is to put a nice shoe at the grand entrance of your home.

But I advise you to not have to show your shoes to everyone (something unpleasant), it is better to opt for closed storage systems to store your shoes.


Another element that is great for any hall are the racks. They are essential for any input organized as well as being useful and versatile, will help with the elegance of your decor. So, upon arriving home have a place to hang the bag, keys or jacket.

There are many ways to create a set of original hangers for entrance of your home. Only have to find one that best suits your needs and your home decor.

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