Decorative style for a guest room with nautical touch

If you are a person that you love the sea may be a nautical decor decorative style that interests you because it has much to do with the maritime world and all that it offers. The colors also can be combined so that you can feel a personalized, warm, cozy and tastefully decorated.

If you are thinking of decorating a guest room and do not know what to touch him to make it different, do not worry because then you’ll get some ideas for creating a great room with a nautical touch. The nautical decor is perfect for the guest room because besides it can be very original and elegant, is a neutral decor that will delight all your guests.
you can not miss decorative elements whose main motive is the anchor of a ship


For a guest room can have a nautical touch will need to have a characteristic colors and always shall be the same if you want to change a little shade. The colors you have to use is: navy blue, white and orange.

These colors have to be present in both textiles (on the curtains, the carpets, the bedding, etc.) and on the walls, accessories and furniture.

Although you can also combine it with brown furniture wood (with a touch worn), but avoid bright colors or furniture that do not fit with the nautical colors.

The nautical decor

To get an authentic nautical decor, while taking into account the colors of the room, you have to take into consideration the details of decoration. Every detail counts, and if you like the nautical world may already have some ideas in mind.

For example, in a bedroom decor with nautical style, you can not miss decorative elements whose main motive is the anchor of a ship . You can choose the decoration you prefer; a painting, textiles, decorative details what you want!

Natural elements like flowers are also welcome and can include decorative elements that have to do with boats, boats, paddles … any decorative element that has to do with navigating the sea!

Like this decorative style for the guest room of your home? Or maybe you’d rather use this decoration for your own bedroom or other room in your home? It really is a charming decor will not go unnoticed by anyone.

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