Undoubtedly one of the appliances that has made life easier for people is the washing machine, because its operation is relatively easy and the results are even better, saving you time and work by hand in the washing of your family’s clothes. But in order for your washing machine to be able to provide you with the service you need, you must provide it with adequate maintenance.

It is ideal that this appliance receives periodically and appropriately maintenance of expert hands from professional maintenance Service , however as a suggestion you at home can also do some things so that the useful life of the machine is longer and more productive.

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With the experience of professional maintenance in the washing machine industry, we share some tips for you to take care of your washing machine:

When choosing and using the detergent for your washing:

Avoid the use of poor quality detergents as these can cause damage to the seal system of your washing machine. Try to buy a recognized soap brand and follow the instructions that appear on the package.

With your washing machine:

Try not to spill water on top of the controls or control knobs of your machine, thus avoiding deterioration. And when you are draining or draining make sure the water comes out completely. Check very well the pockets of your clothes before throwing it to wash, do not contain hooks or coins as these can damage it.

With hoses and accessories:

As part of the maintenance you have to do at home is to constantly observe the hoses, which are not broken or very bent that will almost crack, that the accessories do not leave water and are not rusted. A good idea is to change the hoses and fittings every 3 years or so.

When cleaning your washing machine:

It is important that before you clean it, disconnect it from the outlet . Use a soft, damp cloth to clean it from the outside, as it is common for detergents, bleaches and softeners to spill. Do not use products such as tiner, alcohol, solvent, they are flammable materials and could produce toxic gases.

To clean the interior:

You can make a mixture of 250 ml of bleach in 500 ml of detergent to clean it inside, then rinse it using a full cycle of washing, obviously without any clothes. Do it as many times as you consider necessary.

With the filter of the lint or motes:

After each laundry, remember to remove the filter from the motes and wash it so that this does not hinder the operation of this appliance or spoil your clothes.

Special care according to the climate of your city:

If you live in a city with climatic seasons, it is best to store or install it in winter in a place where it can not freeze, because the hoses can be damaged by the frozen water that has remained inside. And if you are going to be away from home for a long time, a good recommendation is to disconnect and take off the water supply to avoid accidents.

If you notice that your machine has loud noises, it hits, moves or moves when it is in operation, it is best to call the service of professional maintenance that can give a more professional and technical maintenance to your washing machine.

We want to know your opinions, tell us what other methods do you know to give a good maintenance to your washing machine?

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