What are the best shades or curtains?

What are the best shades or curtains?Lighting is a fundamental part of the decoration of a house. When it comes to covering our windows and regulating the entrance of natural light to our rooms we can resort to blinds and curtains. But when is it better to choose one or the other? It will depend on several factors that we will see below:

Blinds or curtains?

Window size: The blind usually comes in a single piece so it is best to use curtains when we are talking about large windows. Aesthetically, the implementation of two blinds in a single window is not as effective.

Height of the stay: The higher the height of a room, the lighter should be the materials used to cover the windows. In those cases in which the distance between the floor and the ceiling is higher, it is advisable to resort to light curtains since it will allow better handling. On the other hand it is best to resort to blinds when the height of the room is the standard.

Opening system : When a window opens outwards or is sliding, both a blind and a curtain can be used. However, the problems appear when our window opens inwards. In this case it is best to resort to a curtain because the shade can give us enough problems. For example we can not open the window unless we have the blinds completely open.

Aesthetics and global decoration : Of course our choice should be based on our aesthetic expectations and the overall appearance of the room. Blinds are generally recommended for more minimalist environments while curtains are suitable for vintage aesthetics.

Amount of light : The blind allows the entry of a greater amount of light (being a single piece) and also create a sense of amplitude greater than that generated by the curtains. However, if what we are looking for is to generate an intimate atmosphere and with dim light, it is best to resort to curtains.

With these tips we hope we have helped you choose between blinds and curtains for your home.

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