How to do a Vertical garden: DIY Home Garden

The vertical garden, wall or panel of cultivation, are gardens that are planted vertically on a wall using elements such as glass fiber coconut fiber substrate for plants to take root and grow roots.

These types of gardens are very similar to hydroponic gardens, in which the fertilizer is supplied to the plants by nutrients in the water. It is ideal alternative to places like little room for a traditional garden or where the floor is very irregular.

How to make a vertical garden

In order to perform vertical garden you need a metal frame that hangs on the wall but not completely fit close to it, with sufficient separation to avoid generating excessive moisture to damage the wall or plants as well as to allow oxygen to penetrate.

How to make a vertical garden in your home

Then you need to place two sheets of PVC or fiberglass the same size as the metal bracket and between them insert a layer of felt and coir for plants to take root in them.

The vertical garden watering is done by dripping water with nutrients, which supply the contributions that plants normally obtained from the earth.

Any plant can be placed in a vertical garden, from flowers plants to ornamental plants cultivation and human consumption as vegetables and some legumes.

A simple and inexpensive way to make a vertical garden simile is placing a sort of rectangular wooden frame that serves as support for climbing plants, thus grow vertically in a given space without going further than desired.

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