Using the brown color in decorating your home

The brown color is an earthy color that you bring warmth and welcome in any room where you use it, it is a perfect color for winter because you will instantly warm feeling. The brown if you know a successful combination will also provide you security since it is an elegant color. It is a color that will encourage you and your family to feel the withdrawal, to relax and feeling fine.

Besides this color closer to nature because brown is the color of nature and natural materials, which of course, will also make you feel great. The only problem you may have is that it is a dark color, which, although not like the black, if abused him or do not know properly combine, then, can cause negative, sad and even depressing thoughts.

A positive feature that has brown color is that he will emphasize strong colors like orange

With strong colors

A positive feature that has brown color is that he will emphasize strong colors like orange, yellow or lime green, so you can enjoy strong, vibrant colors but the brown will help tone down the room without need to be too eccentric and also giving a warm and cozy feel.

Sunny spaces

Brown, being a dark color is also ideal for use with white or vanilla yellow to give the walls a super clear look dark. The brown is ideal for lots of natural light, since in their dark shades can make a room look and feel smaller, so it is not advisable for short stays.

Interior and exterior

The brown color is ideal for both the interior and exterior of your home because it has many colors and different shades, so it will be easy to combine according to your tastes, needs and interests. In addition to brown the exterior of your home is excellent because along with green lawn and plants can get a sense of splendid nature that will fill you with comfort and welfare.

Ways to use in a room

There are different ways to use it in a room and make it great, for example:

– Soft like beige Brown will add color to any room and make it more airy.
– Combining light blue with dark brown evokes the feeling of earth and sky .
– Combine the green and brown evokes the feeling of nature.
– Combine the resulting dark brown male with a feminine color like purple or pink, will bring softness to the room.

How about brown central color for your home?

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