Using ammonia to Remove odors of bad smell

Many people when they clean your home can not lack ammonia to achieve good results in cleaning and disinfection. So ammonia may be one of the star products for household cleaning. Companies know this and like the smell of this product is so unpleasant now and can find more “pleasant” and fragrant smells to prevent the odor is unbearable. But even so it remains a strong odor.

Normally it used to clean the floors of homes or bathrooms, but the ammonia may have more uses at home and I am convinced that will interest all of them to use it more often if possible.
ways to use ammonia in the kitchen, garden and all around the house

Repelling moths

Moths at home are annoying and sometimes out of nowhere. But it’s better than killing them instead of the send away because they hate the smell of ammonia. For them to go away from home have to wash drawers, shelves, cabinets and all the places where you think there are moths with half a cup of ammonia diluted in one liter of water. Leave cabinets and drawers open to dry outdoors and moths will flee away from home.

Glittering crystals

If you want to have a bright crystals and also clean regain lost luster over time, then you have to mix a few drops of ammonia in two cups of water and wipe with a soft cloth or brush. Then rinse with clean water and finally, you have to dry with a soft, dry cloth or paper towel. You will be surprised how clean it will be the crystals that are seem freshly laid!

Wipe down tile with ammonia to remove mold and mildew stains. Clear ammonia is a strong solvent that can be used to clean many surfaces

Removing odors from paint

If you just paint the inside of your house, I’m sure you look perfectly but the smell is another story … the smell of paint is quite unpleasant for many people, but it disappear is not always easy. No need to prolong the suffering of your nose, so the ammonia will be your best solution. This product will absorb the smell by placing small dishes of ammonia in each room that has been painted. If the smell persists then put several dishes and also adds a bowl with vinegar and onion slices. Among all these elements you may remove the terrible smell of paint.

Removing grease and soap residues

To get rid of accumulations of fat and soap scum or foam left in your sink or in your bathtub, you have to use ammonia. You only have to rub with a solution of 1 tablespoon of ammonia in 3 liters of hot water. And rinse thoroughly when you’re done. Thanks to hot water, and eliminate fat and embedded soap, you will also be getting rid of unwanted bacteria.

wipe it clean using the ammonia and a few drops of dishwashing liquid diluted

Cleaning carpets

If you have stains on the carpet in your home (and even upholstery) you can wipe them with a sponge and a cup of ammonia per two liters of warm water. Rub the stain and let dry completely. If the time has dried stain still, then you must repeat as often as necessary and gradually be eliminated, albeit a difficult spot.