8 trends for kitchens surely you will love

The kitchen is a place where we like to spend time during the day because not only used for cooking but also for other things such as; family reunions, intimate conversations, if a table is also used for breakfast or a snack, as a work, etc. A kitchen is a place that can be very versatile, and only for the time we spent in it and it is worth investing time and money into it.

Also, the kitchen should always be clean and well-ordered whole , for the health and welfare are the protagonists. But it is also important that you consider the trends that exist in the kitchens to be trendy and also your kitchen look always great. Below you will see some trends that you can follow when decorating your kitchen do not miss!
trends for kitchen 2015

Wood stoves

The wood is starting to make an appearance in large kitchens. But not only in furniture or countertops also on the ground! The most popular wood to add in the kitchen is the oak thanks to its strength and durability. The cherry wood also has great demand because usually combined much better and be more economical than oak.

Open shelves

Lately open shelves take much more than the closed shelves because they give more spaciousness and if all is well ordered are very esthetic zone storages. Now most of the dishes is in sight with wall shelves, plus also decorate the shelves with pots, plants, vessels, objects, spices … or any other details you want to have on hand and do not need hidden.

Minimalist decor

The minimalist decor if before was noted for decoration in classrooms today must say that also begins to be booming in the kitchens. In addition to the minimalist kitchen, the white color is the one that is gaining more jobs thanks to the feeling of spaciousness, warmth and cleaning it conveys.

The metallic tones again

The strongest gray and metallic continue setting trends for kitchens of all types and in any style. The colors become stomping to decorate the kitchen are: metal, bronze, silver, gold colored objects now have become very futuristic colors!

nice trends for kitchen

Farewell to monochrome kitchens

Monochrome Kitchens are no longer fashionable. Only the white is accepted as the main color for the kitchen, but always being able to combine this color with materials like wood, metal, glass and stone. Thus a cozy contrast effect is achieved. Well-matched colors are always welcome.

Marble countertops

Although there was a time that became fashionable other materials for countertops, marble always returns because it is a durable material that also is safe and provides great beauty.

Stainless steel surfaces

Regain stainless steel surfaces is again trend. Stainless steel is an excellent material in kitchens since it is very easy to clean and the kitchen should always be pristine. A kitchen that has stainless steel as the protagonist and is combined with wood is a kitchen that is fully up to date!


This trend is only suitable if you have a large family . Is to have two ovens, two microwaves, two dishwashers … all for two to save time! But if you are not home a lot, do not listen to this trend because it would waste money and valuable space in your kitchen.

How about these trends? What do you like most?