Tips to take advantage of the passage areas

In any home we find forgotten corners, to which we do not pay the attention they deserve, missing out on the many opportunities they offer us. These are the so-called ” passage zones “, which apparently do not fulfill any function or are useful in our day-to-day life. However, with the right techniques we can get a great game; Below we give you some tips to take advantage of these spaces.

Key Ideas to take advantage of the passage areas

A good trick is to use these extra meters to gain storage space . The hall is one of the most suitable rooms for it, because it gives rise to a wide variety of alternatives. For example, installing a shoemaker would be a great idea, since it allows us to organize our shoes and fit comfortably just before leaving home. One of its great advantages is that, thanks to the numerous models that we find in the market, they can be adapted to virtually any corner.

The  long and thin shelves  would be ideal for this, as long as they do not hinder our passage

Another good option, if we have enough space in the hall, is to place a closet where to store the coats , jackets and shoes. The best thing in this case is a built-in wardrobe and made to measure that allows us to get the most out of the stay. The folding doors would help us in this purpose.

We can also use other passage areas to increase our storage space, such as the corridors . They tend to be narrow, which makes it difficult to furnish and decorate them, but we should not rule out some options.

Decorate with shelves

The long and thin shelves would be ideal for this, as long as they do not hinder our passage.

In the event that the size of the corridors does not allow this possibility, we can take advantage of them to give a personal touch to our home . One way to do this would be to create compositions of pictures and photographs , forming different shapes with them and playing with the variety of sizes and colors. We can follow the same advice with vinyl and other decorative elements to hang, although avoiding to reload the wall.

On the other hand, if the corridor is wide enough, we could hang some shelves and shelves without too much depth . We would be very useful to keep books, records, small boxes, and decorative accessories such as flowers and candles. So we bring a personal style to the house.

A habitually abandoned space in houses with more than one floor is the one under the staircase . It is easy to see the advantages that this area offers us to take advantage of space, where depending on the possibilities, we can situate from a comfortable to create a small studio. The custom furniture are also our best option at this time because they can mold itself to make every centimeter. Also, we can install a wardrobe, a sofa, a bench, etc., according to our tastes and needs.

It is also common to find dead spaces in other rooms , such as the living room. The corners will be our great allies in this sense, because we can use them to install shelves, cabinets and shelves (it is highly recommended that they are made to measure). The comfortable, at the same time decorative, provide extra storage space and help us keep the room tidy. If we can afford it, creating a nice reading corner can be a good idea; with a simple chair, a small table and a few accessories will suffice.

On the other hand, one of the most recurrent options when we have extra space in our house is to create a dressing room . Contrary to what is often believed, with a few meters we can achieve a fantastic result. We will only need a small wardrobe (if we can not afford it, a large coat rack with wheels would be a good option), a dresser and some accessories. A chair to sit on while we dress would also be very helpful.

These are just some ideas to take advantage of the passage areas of our house , but the truth is that there are no specific rules in this regard. We can give free rein to our tastes and creativity, adapting these corners to our needs.

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