Tips to keep decorative box at home

What I have found what more is lost house are jewelry, documents (always important), remote controls, sunglasses or keys. Although I am sure that now you will be more things are happening that you can lose at home often, what is certain is that we must seek ways to complement the decor and not miss more things at home.

What is clear is that at home no elves move things around and placed elsewhere, it is more likely that our heads full of things to think make us believe that we leave things on a site when really we done elsewhere. But this must not be a problem anymore after reading the tips then I leave, because the secret is to have a place for everything!

incorporate a jeweler to decorate your bedroom to have everything in one place

Drawers or decorative boxes

It is important to put in a drawer or a decorative box for some things from home, but as exclusive use. So you can save as which elements always in the same place and do not forget over where you left because you always do in the same place (you’ll have to get used to doing in this new space).

For example you can catch a decorative box and save all your electronics chargers, so you’ll never lose your charger no longer mobile, tablet or camera. Also in another box you can save the spare car keys and house, as for example your sunglasses.

A jeweler and a decorative box

That having rings, bracelets or earrings anywhere must stop! So you have to incorporate a jeweler to decorate your bedroom to have everything in one place .

Also in the bathroom you can incorporate a durable decorative box to keep there all your hair clips, hair pins or accessories… thus cease to annoy where not applicable.

Universal Remote

At home you have 20 different commands and there is always someone who is lost? That’s easy to fix buying a universal remote will have all the functions of 20 controls in one!

Organize your papers

It is also very important to have all papers and documents neatly arranged, so do not hesitate to dedicate a portion of your home to have folders and cabinets so you can find them all quickly.

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