Tips protocol on the Christmas table

During the Christmas holidays, the table is the undisputed star. He is responsible for welcoming our guests and we must decorate it as it deserves.

Generally, we tend to worry about the menu and drinks, neglecting some key aspects. In Nice Home DIY blog we are waiting for all and therefore we have prepared this article on decorating and protocol in the Christmas table. Take advantage!

homemade christmas table decorations

The tablecloth and dishes

We should note that there are different aspects of the protocol on the table, depending on the type of celebration. It’s not the same one that a meeting informally formal encounter. Naturally, the arrangement of the elements changes completely. Therefore, this article will explain some general rules for setting the table at Christmas.

The first thing is to place traditional tablecloth with a Christmas pattern, such as print pictures which is also trend. Then we put the dishes with a sleek design, whether classic, modern or traditional. What we must bear in mind is that you should always put a flat plate that serves as a base and it is wrong to place a bowl or under-plate directly onto the tablecloth.

Small details are very important. Therefore, if the dishes have a drawing, engraving or registration, make sure you put it in front of the diner.


The next aspect to consider is the cutlery. For a Christmas table formal style should put the covered dish sa right and always in the order in which we will use. That is, from the outside in.

Thus, as we collect the dishes and cutlery, the table is clearing and we were only necessary. A curious and important detail is that the dirty dishes are collected by right and are served by the new left.

Moreover, as a matter of aesthetics, experts recommend us to choose a complete set of cutlery for all pieces are exactly alike.

christmas centerpiece ideas

The cups

As it regards the cups should not be too many pieces on the table and is confusing. Therefore, choose only the necessary glasses, which are usually the water, the red and white wine, and champagne. Its placement on the table is in that order, forming a straight line or right with a slight bow to give a touch of elegance.

However, you can change this order and choose to place the cups in terms of size and use. If you look at the size, we must place the glasses starting with the highest and ending with the lowest. The reason? It is easier to fill the glasses. And the decor and the protocol on the table serving reasons of comfort and aesthetics. You have to make guests feel at home.

Little details

Finally, do not forget the small details of style that will help you surprise the guests. For example, a hanging ornament chair, table identifiers with the name of each guest, candles, flowers, garlands, decorative centerpieces or napkin rings that may be Christmas tree ornaments.

But yes, in terms of decor and the protocol on the Christmas table, the important thing is to go for minimalism and comfort of our guests. So do not reload the table with more accessories than necessary.

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