Tips for showing off your vacation rentals home

Having a vacation rentals home is not always a source of satisfaction, at least for those who consider it a nuisance because they do not have time to maintain it and they barely take advantage of it during the year. However, for the vast majority of mortals it is an immense luck, since it allows you to disconnect fleeing from the big city to relax a few meters from the beach house rentals or the hocking hills cabins.

Having a vacation rentals home is not always a source of satisfaction

If you are one of those “lucky” you are in luck, since in this article I am going to share a series of keys so you can show off your vacation home rentals.

Maintenance on request

What is that of commissioned maintenance? It is a service that allows you to have your house in conditions throughout the year without having to move every “x” months to verify that everything is in order. There are companies that are dedicated to it and they are not doing badly, since it is a very demanded service and that will continue to grow in the coming years, since we have less and less time to deal with issues like this.

Anti-theft and home automation systems

You can boast a vacation home when you are there, but when you are not there I recommend you to live as calm as possible, for which you will have to resort to anti-theft systems such as the famous alarms. To that and other solutions offered by home automation so that it may seem that the house is inhabited, when in fact you are handling elements such as blinds hundreds of kilometers away.

Decoration conditioned by the environment

The decoration of a vacation home can be like the decoration of your home, but I recommend that you break with your decorative routine and get carried away by something different paying attention to your surroundings. Is it a house that is on the beach? Combine blue and white to create a Mediterranean atmosphere, like a  beach house rentals; bet on light and steamy textiles, buy decorative pieces with sailor motifs … Is it a house that is in the mountains? Give maximum prominence to the natural, wooden furniture and green accessories that integrate with nature, the same can be said of plants and flowers, which can not be missing.

Order, order and more order

The same order you want for your day to day should you want it for your vacation days. That means you can’t leave your second home leaving everything messy. After a weekend getaway you have to collect and order everything that has been used so that in the next visit there is no accumulated work.

Multi-purpose furniture

Multipurpose or multi-functional furniture is essential in a holiday home, especially when we receive a visit from guests who will spend a few days there. As space is usually limited, it is good to use pieces of furniture such as sofa beds, because thanks to them you do not have to buy an additional bed that you would not know where to put.

What about the views and natural light?

Depending on where your holiday home is located, it is likely that you are interested in enjoying privileged views, for which you should bet on large windows that will not only let you see what is beyond, but will help you in the indispensable work of achieve a level of natural light with which you will not have to resort to lighting solutions for much of the day, something that is appreciated for several reasons, such as economic.