The perfect host: receive at Christmas

The perfect host: receive at Christmas
Friends that we have not seen for years, relatives who live many kilometers away from us … Christmas is a time of reunions with our loved ones: family and friends alike. If this Christmas is your turn to be the host, then some ideas to receive guests at home will come in handy . In this article, we throw you a cable to cause a good impression, both with your decoration and on the table.

The hall and the lounge

We will start with the decoration. The objective? It is clear: create a cozy, warm and comfortable atmosphere . In other words, make the guests feel at home. That is why we must take care of all the details and ensure that the Christmas spirit is appreciated throughout the house. From the hall to the guest room.

If you have space in the hall, you can place a tree (even if it is small). But if you do not have much space, then another interesting option is a vase with poinsettias. Although you can also opt for the traditional Christmas wreath on the wall, so that it looks as soon as you enter the house.

However, the best place for the Christmas tree (the big one and the main one) is the living room. It is a social space in which more family life we ​​do. That is why the living room should be well decorated with Christmas motifs.

Neither should be missing the tasty cushions and plaids . An advice? Make sure you have enough seats for all your guests. You can always place some upholstered dining room chair, a pouf or a stool.

At the coffee table (which will look great during these holidays), you can place a nice Christmas centerpiece or a tray with a snack or sweets . It is a decorative detail that is also a delicious treat for the guests to serve before starting with lunch or dinner.

The guest room

The guest room is also very important, as it will become the refuge of our guest during the time they are in our house. That’s why it’s important to take care of the details. For example, make sure they have a complete set of towels on the bed and also the blankets and plaids needed. Maybe your guests have their own towels and soap, but it never hurts to be proactive.

Maybe your guests like to read before going to sleep, so you should make sure they have a light on the bedside table for this type of activity. In case you might need it. And, an important detail that will make you the best host of all: a bottle of water and a glass on the bedside table .

The Christmas table

The table is the soul of Christmas parties. It’s where we spend the most time and that’s why we should take care of it. At the protocol level, it is interesting to have at the table the right and necessary elements , which should make things easy for diners. It often happens that we occupy the table with too many things and in the end it is uncomfortable to enjoy the evening. Opt only for the basics and maybe some decorative accessory.

For example, you can place on the plate of each diner a ball of the tree (those that always remain and we do not know what to do with them). Try to tie on the ball loop the name of each guest and thus they will all locate their seat easily. If your dining table is not near the kitchen, a waitress with wheels will come in handy to easily serve all the dishes. If you have a console or a sideboard, you can use it to place a small buffet so that each guest can serve whatever they want as an aperitif. And, once the dinner is over, this piece of furniture can be used to place drinks.