Some secrets about washing carpets

Have a beautiful carpet in the room you need to clean? Often, within our decoration, place mats that combine incredible or look pretty good, but that does not mean that magically cleaned and sometimes do not really know how to fix it. Did you spent?

We shared some secrets about washing carpets.

How to wash carpets

Often the simplest and best known for successfully wash carpets option is to hire a cleaning service. Although not as economical as the tips you give here to make it less expensive and faster, these services help you to remove stains and can become stained and repair your carpet, not only cleaning, which can be a good added to make it flawless. If you have the money and you can explore this option can provide you a lot of things.

If you are looking for are home options and some very inexpensive then still with us.

solution for washing carpets is very wet

Dry Foam

This solution for washing carpets is very wet (contrary to what its name) and should be done in sections to avoid damaging your carpet. Ideally, do as follows:

-First vacuuming to remove dirt that is outermost.
-After making the shutdown can that is stated on the container on the best way to mix the solution dry foam.
– Pass it all over the carpet and follow the instructions (some solutions require adding water, others need to spray them with a thin layer and rub with damp sponge).
– Allow to dry the solution to not mistreat.
– Spend vacuum again to finish removing stains and dirt.

If you require more cleaning you can pass a brush with stiff bristles.

Detergent and vinegar

This option is simple and can be very practical to remove stains that occur in time as common as coffee houses, wine, etc.

You only need:
– Mix warm water with detergent and vinegar. Caring is dish detergent and contains no chlorine and alkali.
-After with a sponge apply the mixture directly on the stain to be treated.
– Leave it on for 15 minutes .
– Use a cloth to remove placed clean mix.
– Let dry


This option is good if you need to wash carpets and also disinfected for any reason, it is a bit strange but can be you very useful:

– Place a layer of salt over the entire carpet making sure to cover the surface.
– Screw the carpet and so leave it about 2 or 3 hours.
– Unscrew the carpet and aims to remove the salt with germs that may have been deleted.

These are just some ideas, you can also use a toothbrush to remove stains and more elaborate solutions that use alcohol white vinegar and cold water.

Take care that the products are removed in full with water and a stiff brush to prevent the washing carpets your decor is damaged.

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