Solar Rocks For Garden Lighting And Renewable Energy

At present the use of solar energy is booming for several reasons, mainly because it is renewable energy and contributes to caring for the planet, but also it is a nice way to save money, avoid unsightly wires and potential problems with conventional electricity.

The accessories and items that are sold today have reliable systems that offer a more powerful lighting and load duration. The technology of solar cells and panels is significantly higher than those used a few years ago.

For this reason today I propose to take into account an item for decoration and garden lighting gathering energy from sunlight and converts it into electricity. I am talking about nice solar rocks, very simple to use since it does not require installation or maintenance.

Operation of solar rocks

These rocks have super bright LED lights and a solar panel on top that recharges a battery of 1.2 volts. No lead wires or other connection being ultra safe for children and pets, lighting lasts between 8-10 hours and automatically turn on when it gets dark.

A rock in the day and a reflector at night, these stones are the perfect accessory for decorating paths, planters, beds, stairs or any corner of the garden. Its shape and structure ensures that the very well light to surrounding objects.

Garden lighting gathering energy from sunlight and converts it into electricity

Operation of solar rocks

As all solar products, it have to be loaded during the day so you have to put them in a place to receive the sun rays for as long as possible. During this time the solar panels charge the AA batteries and in the evening it light the LED light automatically.

At dawn it also automatically turned off and the cycle starts again to recharge the battery.

These rocks are a nice investment because LED technology ensures a lifetime of many years, you just need to renew the batteries every two years or so.