Rustic Bedrooms for babies

The rustic baby bedrooms are an excellent choice when deciding on the style of decoration that we will opt for the smallest room of the house, below are some lovely examples to use as a reference in the room decor rustic children.

The sky is one of the first options that place it in the room of a baby if we know it will be used by a male, the first image shows a bedroom where the walls are clad in wood and they were painted light blue color, chose to place children’s bedroom furniture made of wood painted white, to complete the decoration of the room were placed a few stuffed animals, pictures of country style in one of the walls and give a nice touch to a lovely carpet was placed in bear form.

The second image shows us a baby bedroom where the light green plays a role, this option is ideal when you do not know the sex of the baby, in this case objects were placed in pink which indicates that it is a room for girl, a beautiful mirror, a hanging lamp, a nice lamp and a lovely carpet are objects that stand out, and chose to place restored antique elements to give a special touch to the room, remember that rustic bedrooms are very good with these objects, the shade of green that was used along with wooden furniture, perfectly combined creating a very warm and charming.

You can say that wood is the best ally to create a rustic in different environments of our home, in the third picture we see a beautiful set of bedroom furniture for children whose detail bears designs painted on each of country style, tone painted walls blend perfectly in this charming baby bedroom.

For decoration of rustic baby bedroom it is clear that you can play with many objects, textures and colors, find a wide range in baby cribs made from different materials, opt for old cribs is a good choice, and we can restore and decorate same, the fabrics that we use for curtains, quilts and cushions can be patterned with flowers, children’s motifs, stripes and polka dots to complement a beautiful nursery decor.