Preparing the ceiling before painting

When you make the decision to paint a part of your home, you should consider various aspects to get more out to work and left you best. Here we usually give much advice about anything related to home decorating, and today I would like to give appropriate recommendations if you want to paint the ceiling.

Before performing any of these is important to prepare the surface, but if the ceiling is much more so because otherwise you might not get what you want. In the roofs often have cracks and chips, and all that needs to be fixed before you start painting, leave everything rasito well for the paint is balanced and look good.

Use a spatula to scrape the holes and cracks and retire the old paint is falling

Cracks and chipping

The first step is to locate the parts that are damaged and require repair. Use a spatula to scrape the holes and cracks and retire the old paint is falling, loose material or flaking. If you are cracks or holes in depth, using a mass filling to cover and seal well. This is done by wetting with a brush and putting the dough, so easy. Let dry and then sanding the surface is level, removing what about the mass.

There are times when the cracks are very thick and, once the tapes, will be reopened, so in that case we must strengthen sealed with calico, a dressing glass cloth should be placed after the sealant. Click on it with a spatula to ensure that the mass penetrates well into the band and let dry. Then you must put another coat of sealer to cover the band and sanded to remove irregularities.


If you’ve already done this, or if the roof has no irregularity, touch cleaning to remove accumulated dust and any dirt. It is sufficient to pass the vacuum cleaner or else give you a brushed, being very important to do so in corners and junctions between walls, which is where it accumulates. If you kitchen ceiling note that cleaning will be deeper because there will be traces of grease.

If the ceiling is concrete, you can use soap with warm water. If gypsum is best make clean dry. In any case, if you’re going to wet the roof to clean, it is essential that you let dry thoroughly before putting paint several hours to make sure nothing remains of moisture anywhere.

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