Cleaning the chimney

Next month will begin the spring and, presumably, so will the good weather, or at least a little this cold ice cream that has us most of the country for weeks leave. That means that if you have a fireplace , soon cease to use it, so it is very important to know how to clean it so you can keep well for every month that will not be used, which will make next winter run smoothly.

It is a task that is not very complicated, and should make it so that its operation is correct and no dirt to prevent it and to accumulate. If you have trouble or do not want to, you can hire a professional. Anyway, I leave a few of advice so you know how to clean effectively, you will see that it is simple and does not take long.

The remains of brick or wood can also clog the chimney and combustion less effective


The first thing you have to do is remove the remains of wood or ash left over from previous uses, do not turn it off soon after because it can be hot, so wait for it to cool to make sure there is no risk. It uses a special hook, brush or brush, and in the case of the ash remains you can save to put fertilizer to plants.

In specialized fireplaces or stoves you will find a metal cube that engages the vacuum cleaner and allow you to clean much more easily and effectively. It has the great advantage that the waste will remain in the bucket and not go to the bag vacuum cleaner . We also come in handy to use an anti-soot on fire when you use it, which will prevent soot stays on the walls.

Why Clean?

First, for hygiene , that is clear. That said, it is important to do so as well combustion is optimal when you use and chimney work much better. Also because you put away any obstructions that may prevent smoke out correctly. If you let the soot buildup on the walls, you can cause a fire inside, and depending on what extend can go outside, especially if you open it to try to turn it off.

The remains of brick or wood can also clog the chimney and combustion less effective. Finally, another good reason is that birds find the perfect chimneys to nest , and sometimes the nest or remnants of it can fall inward.