Painting The Room With The Best Colors

When choosing paint for the rooms of the house you not only have to rely on personal taste and the combination with the furniture, but have to take into account other factors such as general illumination assess and the size of the space.

In this post I will comment about the colors best suited to choose when painting a room in your home, pay attention to these tips.

The colors for the dining room

For this room, earthy tones are usually the most popular choice because not only are able to convey a feeling of warmth, but also are very versatile. Furthermore it is known that colors like red and orange tend to stimulate a person’s appetite, blue tones instead suppress it.

The colors for the kitchen

When choosing colors for the kitchen, you have to use the tone of the cupboards as a guide. The most popular tones are earthy colors like brown, peach and yellow. Strong colors like red bricks also look good in the kitchen, especially if used as an accent color combined with neutral shades.

The colors for the living room

In contrast, green and blue are not appropriate for this room, especially when they are very clear. Only recommended accents in green or dark blue to highlight certain areas and get a stylish look.

The colors for the living room

When choosing the colors of this room you have to take the overall size and lightinginto account, but also it is convenient to think of the mood you are trying to accomplish.

Light colors make the room look much bigger, but sometimes dark colors are also convenient because they can add a cozy look to a room.

The mild colors like beige, cream or yellow give a warm and cozy appearance, while the coldest as gray can give a more formal appearance. What must be avoided are the intense colors like bright red, because they are too stimulating.

The colors for the bathroom

When choosing colors for the bathroom, you have to take into account the overall effect you are trying to achieve. The natural light colors like blue, sea green and earth tones are always a good choice for bathrooms because they can create a relaxing feeling.

Avoid very dark colors if the bathroom is small because these only make the room look smaller. However, dark colors can be used to create dramatic effects.

The colors for the bedroom

The best colors for the bedroom are those that offer a relaxing effect as blues, greens and earth tones. Try to avoid those that are bright and discordant because they are very stimulating for a room that is destined to rest.

If you prefer, you can choose romantic colors like maroon, peach, coral or pink tones for more pleasant environment.