Ozone generator: the perfect substitute for chemicals in household cleaning

Using an ozone generator at home can provide a wide range of benefits thanks to the properties of this cutting-edge technology, without competition in disinfection and deodorization of water, food and surfaces. To know, even minimally, the principle on which ozone technology is based, specifically the phenomenon of ozonolysis, is essential to understand why ozonation is a very interesting option to improve our quality of life in general.

We can also wash the dishes or wash with ozonated water to minimize the use of detergents and hot water, thus helping to reduce possible allergies and health risks associated with the use of chemicals

How ozone works: effectiveness and safety

We call ozonolysis to the reaction with ozone of a certain compound, which in the case of domestic ozone treatment equipment is basically air and water. From its injection in any of them in very small doses we obtain a great ally for health, thanks to very different domestic uses.

Explained briefly, we can affirm that the action of ozone produces a very advantageous oxidation for deep sanitation. Both because its effectiveness is unparalleled, several thousand times that provided by bleach and other chlorinated agents, and by not having side effects when applied by equipment designed for domestic use.

Quite the contrary, the ozone doses and the power of these household appliances are designed to obtain a long series of benefits. To such an extent is its application innocuous that we can carry out treatments at any time, regardless of whether people are present.

Whenever the appliance is used following the simple indications included in the brochures, we can rest easy or, if we prefer, perform treatments allowing the appliance to act and turn itself off. It will be easy to do it thanks to a certain programming or a simple timer that usually comes included in the device.

Benefits for the health of ozone

The safety of ozone is in itself a great health benefit and, similarly, if we consider its high efficiency we find another compelling reason to have it always at hand in order to conserve and improve the health of the whole family .

The fact that ozone is safe means that it is revealed as a healthy alternative to other solutions that we usually use at home. The list of cleaners, air fresheners or other products traditionally used for cleaning, perfuming or disinfecting is very long: detergents, soaps, legia, softeners, etc.

If we wish, we can even do without them, since ozone performs its function in a much more effective and healthy way. Or, if we prefer, it is also interesting to opt for an intermediate solution, either minimizing the use of these products of chemical composition or, for example, complementing the ozone technology with organic products, whether purchased or made at home.

In practice, therefore, ozone will bring us endless benefits for health, both active and passive. By active, it is revealed as a tool of easy use and great efficiency to carry out the disinfection of atmospheres and surfaces, which means to avoid possible health problems or, which is the same: eliminate dangerous foci of bacteria, viruses, spores , allergens and chemical compounds of different types that are usually found in the home is feasible thanks to the use of ozone generators.

We will be able to put an end to this type of risk in very different areas: the same foods when washed and kept in ozonated atmospheres, or the washing of surfaces and kitchen utensils in order to avoid possible contamination, including cross contamination.

We can also wash the dishes or wash with ozonated water to minimize the use of detergents and hot water, thus helping to reduce possible allergies and health risks associated with the use of chemicals. With the double added advantage that the ozonated water helps to improve the results in both appliances: both the hygiene and care of the dishes and the softness of the garments, also contributing to revive the colors and whites, as well as to prolong the life of the team.

Whether mixing the ozone with water or air, we can carry out a deep cleaning of any environment or surface of our home (objects, clothes, footwear, etc.), improving our habitat in a qualitative way.

By passive, as we have pointed out, thanks to its properties it offers the opportunity to avoid the use of cleaning products , disinfectants, absorbents and conventional flavorings. Therefore, also in this sense the use of ozone is beneficial for health.

Equally, ozone has great applications in personal care that also supports our health in very different ways. Since its use for washing hands for disinfection and deodorization without neglecting them and accelerate the healing of micro wounds.

In fact, ozone has a slight antibiotic effect that is very beneficial for its therapeutic effects, for example when making mouthwashes after dental surgery. Or, without going any further, on a day-to-day basis, in order to keep our mouths healthy and fresh, also using it to rinse ourselves every time we brush our teeth.

A shower or bath with ozonated water also combines these therapeutic effects with excellent results at a cosmetic level. Hair and skin are soft and very careful. In particular, the epidermis is balanced and also prevents the appearance of skin problems, while helping to cure.

Finally, drinking ozonated water is also beneficial for the health of adults and children, including our pets. Its ingestion as ozonated drinking water, either alone or mixed with other ingredients such as juices or other beverages, adds to the great advantage of cooking with ozonated water.

Likewise, if we purify the pool water with ozone, we will avoid the dangers posed by the use of chlorinated products without losing efficiency when it comes to keeping the water perfectly crystal clear and free of problems. With the great advantage that ozonated water provides when it comes to caring for the skin and respecting the health of the eyes, preventing them from becoming red, as well as the typical conjunctivitis and eye infections in general.