Environments Decoration With lighting Candles

The candles lighting are a very useful item when it comes to home decor. They are versatile and useful, but its main function is to give light, they can also create a romantic and relaxing spirit. No matter where you decide to use candles, if they are going to create a warmer and more welcoming to those who are in this area of the house.

Unleash your imagination and takes the variety of heights, aromas, colors and containers or chandeliers for placement. In this post I will show you some funny ways to decorate your roomwith candles.

The kitchen lighting

In this site you can take a romantic dinner with candles. This uses colors and shapes to match the design of your kitchen and use candles to create a central motif in the table or candlesticks distributed to give a suggestive and dim light.

This site is ideal for decorating with candles because they promote relaxation

The bathroom lighting

This site is ideal for decorating with candles because they promote relaxation. It groups some candles in a corner of the bathroom, it is best to be aromatic and bright colors to add a little style to a monochromatic bathroom.

It is also an option to choose candles the same color as the walls of the room to a space of harmony and relaxation. Place candles in the corners of the tub and always have some perfume to aromatize the air.

The bedroom lighting

The bedroom is the most romantic place in the house where the candles give an atmosphere of sensuality. Place the colored candles light and suggestive aromas on tables or shelves to give the room a warm glow.

The living

In the living room you can place candles and light them while watching a movie not to be totally in darkness and have some modest light. You can put them on the coffee table, around the couch to or over a fireplace if you have.

The courtyard lighting

Candles for outdoor lighting as well have another advantage: keeping away of the insects. Decorate and repels mosquitoes and other unwanted insects with colorful candles, the plants can be placed between or on the garden table.

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