Options to choose fabrics for curtains

Within window accessories the most popular choice are the curtains. You can choose from a lightweight fabric or a heavy curtain. With so many fabric choices that exist in the market, the options are truly endless.

Curtains should be chosen taking into account the color space, privacy and what is required to obtain desired amount of light that enters the room. For example; if you want to optimize the light entering the interior of your room, you are advised to choose curtains of light fabric that are light in color and soft patterns instead of choosing heavier curtains.
Curtains should be chosen taking into account the color space

If you enter through the windows too much sunlight, we recommend you do not use curtains that are dark colored, because they fade very quickly. When choosing fabric for curtains, is also very important to consider the shape of the windows, the size of space and color of the furniture and upholstery.

If you are looking curtains to a room that was formally used, as I suggest you opt for fabrics like damask, brocade, silk, fails, corduroy or velvet. And for an informal room choose fabrics like chintz, cotton sateen, curly body, fabric sheets or linen fabric.

For a room that is not as formal, use burlap recommended, fine cloth, fabric, denim, corduroy, poplin, muslin, wool fabric or suede. Eye, never forget to read the washing instructions that come written on the label.

Within window accessories the most popular choice are the curtains

Before you go shopping for fabrics, it is very important to measure very accurately the window. To set the length of varal where you hang the curtains, you must first choose the appropriate length of the curtains. Remember, the thickness of the batten also based on weight of the fabric. Eye, the width of the curtains has to be a little wider than the width of the windows. If you want the curtains look very furrowed, I advise you to hang curtains are three times the size of the window.

Coat the curtains, especially those of dark colors, we will protect them from dust, sunlight and the possibility of etch in space. If the curtains that is going to use are clear, you better not choose to coat them, because doing so will decrease the amount of sunlight that penetrates through it, thus will control the temperature of your space.

it is very important that the windows are clean and dust free

Important Tips

Currently there are many designs of curtains, everything depends on individual taste. For example; There hourglass curtains, drapes and curtains unlined not cooked. Also, you can choose a variety of colors and designs for curtains.

Before decorate them with blinds or curtains, it is very important that the windows are clean and dust free. Eye on the curtains also dust allergies and other agents accumulates, so it is essential that the wash regularly.

For those who have allergies, you are advised to decorate their windows with shutters vinillo rooms. This type of blinds are so susceptible to dust provided they are cleaned with a cloth every day. Currently there are many types of vinyl blinds. There are horizontal blinds and vertical blinds.

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