Discover the trends in bathrooms for the year 2021

This year 2020, because of Covid-19, has put our lifestyles to the test. We have had to change our habits and our ways of doing things, but it has also served to realize the importance of our home. Every part of the house matters, from the kitchen to the bedroom and not forgetting the bathroom. It is precisely the bathroom that we will talk about throughout our publication, commenting on the trends in bathrooms for the year 2021.

The bathroom is essential for our personal hygiene, in addition to the usual daily rituals.

Bathroom functions are increased

The bathroom is essential for our personal hygiene, in addition to the usual daily rituals. For many it is a fundamental place, a place to enjoy privacy and forget about the world. Because of this, it is important that it be functional.

For next year, the trend will be soft colors, velvety surfaces and dimmable lights. Bathroom furniture in warm, earthy colors such as truffle gray or soft gray will also stand out. The matte Stone White color is ready for its grand appearance in 2021: as a complete look, it gives select Quaryl® bathtubs such as Finion, Theano or Oberon 2.0 a velvety soft touch that is perfect for moments of relaxation in the bathroom. In addition, your smartphone can be charged in the inductive charging station of the Finion shelf, essential when working from home.

Bringing the outside in

Whether in the garden, patio or balcony: any private outdoor area is the luxury of the moment. So after kitchens, bathrooms will conquer outdoor areas in 2021. Villeroy & Boch can turn anyone’s dream of having a Jacuzzi into reality. Athletes, lovers of health and wellnessThey will be delighted as the replaceable Jet-PaksTM can be easily interchanged to provide a sports, therapeutic or relaxing massage. If a smaller format is preferred: sometimes all it takes to merge indoor and outdoor spaces is a rethink of bathroom design. One possibility would be to place the bathtub by the window to reveal the landscape.

Anyone who wants to embrace the trend without going to much trouble can simply create a natural look on a wall or enhance their bathroom with exotic plants.

Satisfy the travel bug at home

Spending the summer at home in no way means having to miss out on the vacation feeling. Some furniture stores offer many ways to bring the outside world into your home. For example, a toilet-bidet in the bathroom offers the comfort often experienced in the best international hotels. It combines the functions of the toilet and bidet, while providing a burst of freshness every time it is used. Some designers also have very elegant designs: as the technology is integrated into the ceramic, it resembles any other conventional wall-mounted toilet. It blends harmoniously into any bathroom design, such as a maritime-looking bathroom. An Artis blue sink and matching panel for a freestanding bathtub recall the ultimate beach vacation, and that every day.