9 mistakes to avoid when decorating the bedroom

The bedroom is one of the private rooms of the home that invite you to calm down and relax. That is why it is very important how we are going to organize and decorate it, stopping making very repetitive mistakes when doing it.

Many times when decorating our room we want to put everything in it and we exaggerate, making it a very loaded place that will interfere with our rest. In addition, when wanting to change the style or completely renew it, when decorating there are many things that we have to take into account so as not to make mistakes. Everything is a learning process to do it correctly and to learn from the experts on the subject.

Bedside tables according to the needs in your bedroom

Most common mistakes when decorating the bedroom that should be avoided according to experts

Bedside tables according to the needs in your bedroom

Bedside tables need to be the right size and height for the space to be comfortable. If they are too high or low, it can be uncomfortable to reach for things on tables or to turn lamps on and off from bed. Selecting a bedside table with a considerable width is important , because it helps to have enough space for a small lamp and a few essentials.

Too many pillows pillows

If your bed is full of them you will spend several minutes putting them on and taking them off and it can give the feeling of clutter. Place two or three maximum as decoration.

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On the other hand, if you don’t have enough pillows on your bed, the space can be a bit neglected. You must have the perfect balance of pillows for aesthetics and the function it serves, that’s the key.

The size of the bed and headboard

A large headboard and a small mattress can make your room seem a bit out of place. The headboard is a decorative complement that allows you to dress and give a touch of style to your bedroom.

It must have the dimensions provided to your bed and mattress. You should also take into account if the room is very large you cannot place a very simple headboard.

The size of the bed must have the dimensions according to the room. You must measure the room before buying it, to be clear about the measurements. It is recommended that on both sides of the bed there is a free space of about 70 cm.

Small carpet

This is another mistake that people make when choosing interior decoration pieces. Most people opt for small rugs that don’t cover the entire room.

This will give your bedroom an incomplete and less attractive finished look. A rug is important because it adds more color and warmth to the space.

Poor light

Your bedroom should be cozy and warm. Having only one light source doesn’t make it so cozy. Lampshades and bedside lamps will help illuminate darker areas that a light source cannot cover.

Plus, these additional light sources will make your bedroom look modern and stylish.
The more light sources you have, the better it is for the eyes (and the mood).

If your bed is full of them you will spend several minutes putting them on and taking them off

Very bright colors

Be careful not to use too bright colors in the bedroom, but rather calm and natural tones to keep the space serene and timeless. Neutral, warm and light tones are ideal. The space feels soft and cozy.

Forget the curtains

They have an essential role in a bedroom , they allow you to shade the light and also provide privacy to the environment. When choosing, you should opt for the one that lets in light during the day and provides privacy at night.

There are many solutions for blinds, blinds, blinds, choose the one that best matches your style.

Ignore clutter

It is important to eliminate unnecessary elements, and that the furniture is not too large for the room; They should also have adequate storage to help minimize clutter.

No plugs

The lack of plugs is an extremely frustrating design flaw in many rooms. The traditional double plug behind the bed was enough at one point, but now it can be overloaded with multiple plugs and a tangle of cables sprouting.

If you are planning a renovation, you should make a list of all the appliances that you will connect regularly and make sure you have enough electrical points for all of them. You can get advice from a qualified electrician on the feasibility of installing an extra pair of outlets in the room.

The bedroom should be a reflection of your personality, your taste and your unique style, be it in the furniture you choose, accessories, colors, textures, etc. Although there are no hard and fast rules one must follow, there are decorating mistakes that are made that can be avoided to create a magazine room!