Minimalist, functional and neutral apartment in Hanoi

Let’s give way to weekend at Hanoi, capital of Vietnam. And there we met a house that is worth knowing. It is the SC Luxury apartment in Hanoi city, a residence designed by the architectural firm Le Studio, that when carrying out the project took into account customer.

Would you like to discover more details about this property? Well then you can not miss anything of what we tell you then!

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A strong sense of neutrality and functionality

The SC Luxury apartment is located in central Hanoi and has an area of less than 110 square meters. Given the information gathered about the customer, the study opted for the minimalist interior design style, with a strong sense of functionality and neutrality.

Satisfying customer needs

To meet customer needs, the architects opted for the wide spaces, which allow a good circulation , with special emphasis on the work area and kitchen. In fact, some of the children’s room to give you more square footage to the kitchen was used. Moreover, it is important to note that the area of the rooms is far more private.
Luxury apartment in Hanoi city

The importance of collaboration between architect and client

Although the apartment is not known for its size, customer attention to detail has led the design team. Fortunately for the study, the client was fully satisfied with the outcome, demonstrating the importance of good collaboration between the architect and the client. Here we leave our gallery where you will find more images of this apartment in Hanoi. Do not miss it!