Keys to renovating a small bathroom

Would you like to reform that small bathroom that you have at home and make better use of your space? Today in our decoration blog we are going to give you some keys that will help you to achieve it. A very common problem in the current apartments is the size of this room in the house, smaller than what we would like in most cases.

Fortunately, there are different ways to optically enlarge it and organize it in a way that works , although the reform offers us a greater number of possibilities. The following are some keys for this.

How to reform a small bathroom

The bathroom should be a pleasant and comfortable stay , that has enough space to store everything you need and move inside it easily

The bathroom should be a pleasant and comfortable stay , that has enough space to store everything you need and move inside it easily. That is why it is important that we make the most out of every centimeter through the reform.

To carry out this process in the right way, nothing better than to design it previously. We can hire a specialist in reforms or plan it ourselves drawing the plans and calculating where we want to place the furniture. Thus, it will be easier for us to explain to the expert what aspect we want to achieve for our bathroom. For this, it will be useful to follow some advice s:

1. Shower instead of bathtub

It is the best option for small bathrooms, since installing a shower instead of a bathtub we gain a great amplitude. Luckily, today there are shower trays of all styles and materials, with anti-slip effect. The ideal would be to order it to measure, in order to save centimeters.

2. Dispense with the bidet

If we have a bidet in the bathroom, it will be best to eliminate it in order to take advantage of that space with more useful elements. This is a very common alternative currently.

3. Custom furniture

As it happens in all the rooms of the house, the furniture must adapt to the available meters. Therefore we will have to opt for small toilets, preferably light colors. It is also advisable to install a shower screen made of transparent glass, which shows the interior, so that the bathroom looks larger.

4. Soft colors

In small spaces, it is always highly recommended that light tones predominate, as they provide amplitude and luminosity. For the bathroom, it is best to opt for white and pastel colors, although we can also incorporate dark colored accessories such as red or black, as long as we do not abuse them.

5. Large tiles and tiles

When we look less together, the sense of continuity will be greater, and with this we will visually expand the space. We can apply this trick both on the walls and on the floor, always opting for neutral colors such as white or gray.

6. Brightness

Light will be our great ally in this case. In general, the bathroom is not usually a very bright room, so to get it we will have to resort to light tones and mirrors. In this sense, we can choose to hang a single large mirror or several smaller ones, at strategic points.

7. Attention to the accessories

They will help us maintain order and provide the aesthetics we want for the bathroom. For example, we can install a towel radiator on the wall, instead of a conventional radiator. The shelves are also perfect to make the most of the space offered by the wall, and the wooden details will serve to provide warmth.

We hope these tips help you to give a new style to your small bathroom.