Keys to choose the right wardrobe for your bedroom

Keys to choose the right wardrobe in your bedroommodern undamental to maintaining order in the room and a proper organization of your belongings, the wardrobes for the bedroom become an essential element for this space. We bring you some of the models that you can find in the market, do you accompany us?

The wardrobe will play a very important role in the image and decoration of our bedroom. If we take into account that in a room of average size the closet occupies a prominent place in the room, the choice of it should be as successful as possible. These cabinets in Madrid , for example, will provide us with great functionality

Tips for choosing the right cabinet

In this sense, if we have the appropriate structure and space for a built-in wardrobe, we must remember that the most important for its decoration is the front of it. For these models we can distinguish between different types of doors, sliding and folding. With regard to the materials used, it is best to opt for wood or doors lacquered in white. Likewise, it could be combined with glass or mirror doors. Even if our doors have a wooden latticework, a decorative paper could be used to take care of its aesthetic image. The cabinets in matt gray or cream, which will give a touch of the most voluminous, will be perfect for the stay, as well as those wrapped by a vintage image dominated by carved and pickled wooden doors.

On the other hand, the wardrobes in height seek to make the most of the space. In these cases we will not only have room for the bibs and drawers, but we will also be able to store the belongings that lack a regular use like the suitcases, bags or accessory elements used for the Christmas decoration.

However, when the rooms are small , the best thing for which we can opt for is a custom cabinet to take advantage of every corner of the room and thus have more storage space.

The opening systems of the cabinets are an essential factor to take into account when choosing one or the other. So, for example, you should know that the doors of folding cabinets require a free space of about 45 centimeters, while the sliding doors will allow us to gain up to one square meter of space.

With regard to interior accessories you can have modules with drawers with different sizes, removable ties, pants or folding bars so you can hang your clothes easily.

On the other hand, we have the aforementioned folding door cabinets , which have a mechanism by which the opening of this furniture is very comfortable and smooth, which will allow us to gain in functionality. Since the two doors open to the sides, you will have the possibility to see all its interior at the same time, an ideal feature for when we go in a hurry and do not have enough time to get dressed.

The icing on the modern bedrooms is represented in the changing rooms. In this sense, we can highlight the models that have open metal studs, which will give a more modern and diaphanous feel. In front of the latter we have the closet type, where you play with wooden studs through which you will achieve that touch of elegance you were looking for.

In what type of cabinets do you notice when choosing the most appropriate for your bedroom? Cheer up and share your opinion with us!

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