Key tips to clean the entire house: DIY Housekeeping Ideas

Welcome one more day to the blog of DIY for Nice Home, in the new post today we will talk about some tips we can follow household cleaning to ensure that our home is always in perfect condition. Below we will make a list of the best tricks to clean the house from top to bottom in a short time and very efficiently:

It is very important that we always clean from top to bottom, since otherwise we could return to dirty the lower parts that we have already cleaned. This trick is for cleaning shelves but can be applied to any room and furniture in our home.
Before dusting, we must sweep or vacuum. If we do it the other way around, we will remove dust and we will dirty areas that we have already cleaned and we will have to go over it again. This technique is ideal to save time and not have to go through each cleaning task twice.

maintenance cleaning service is aimed at all those people who want to keep and keep their house clean on a routine basis, either every day, weekly, two days a week, every fifteen days or once a month.
So that the furniture, cushions and carpets are kept in good condition and last longer, we must eliminate the stains at the right time that occurs, because if we let them dry, then they will be much more difficult to eliminate, or even impossible.

When we pick up the laundry, instead of leaving it wrinkled until the moment of ironing, it is much better to fold it or hang it on hangers, in this way, when we want to iron it, it will take half the time because there will be almost no wrinkling.

Can help us a lot in household chores, set a day to change all the sheets, we can take them to wash at the moment, in which the mattress is washed and when they are ready we put them back. This will mean that we do not have to vacuum the mattress, as it will ventilate itself and in a few hours we will have changed all the sheets of our home.

As for the sofa, if we have pets or small children, it is advisable to put a cover, this way, whenever it gets dirty we can wash or vacuum it, keeping the sofa in perfect conditions. We will gain time and money, since if we have to wash all the pieces of the sofa it will take much longer and in the laundry it will cost us more expensive.

To sweep in a much faster way and without having to go over several times, we can wrap the broom with a nylon stocking. This will make us collect all the lint at one time and clean the floor faster.
If we follow these tips, in a short time we can have the house clean and collected day after day. We will extend the life of our furniture and objects and we will feel better with ourselves.

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