Ideas to expand a small room with convertible furniture and other organizers

Would you like to expand that small room in your apartment? Currently most of our homes do not have much space, something that has led to a strong decorative trend, that of minimalism, soft colors and strategic furniture. This is the method we have to follow to visually expand the stay we want, being a fairly simple task if we consider the many alternatives offered by the market. In this case, we focus on the room.

One of the great bases for this is to choose small furniture

How to expand a small room

One of the great bases for this is to choose small furniture , in proportion to the size of the room. It would also be appropriate, if we prefer, to choose a large piece as the central focus of the room, always leaving it to be the one that stays with all the leading role. In addition, it is important that we distribute the furniture in such a way that it does not obstruct our movements.

The convertible furniture and storage space can also be good allies. For example, a central table with one or several drawers will help us save centimeters and maintain order. It is much better to opt for this type of solution, instead of recharging the room with too many accessories.

Another good resource is to organize the area so that we create a sense of depth , playing with perspective. We can do it decorating the area that we want to perceive further with smooth and smooth colors, using different textures and tones in the one we want to optically approach. In addition, we must bear in mind that empty spaces provide a greater perspective of depth.

Also, it is important to know how to divide the environments within the room, saving the maximum space. Instead of establishing large pieces of furniture as a separation, it is best to create an imaginary geometric figure (whichever seems most convenient) that divides the different areas. Then we will furnish them depending on the imaginary form we have created and the destination we want to give to each space.

On the other hand, light colors will help us create a greater sense of spaciousness; Also, they are trend. Neutral tones such as white, gray or beige would be ideal, as well as pastel colors (pink, blue, violet …). They also help us to enhance light, which is key when it comes to making a space look bigger.

And it is essential to keep the room well lit , with clear and thin curtains and to be able to, large windows. We can also play with the contrast between shadows and lights. For example, if we want to enhance the clarity of the walls, we can choose darker frames for doors and windows. The mirrors, strategically placed in front of natural light bulbs, are also a good idea.

There are other tricks to optically enlarge the room , and one of them is the striped pattern. We will choose the vertical ones if we want to stylize the area, and the horizontal ones if we want to enlarge it. We can use this pattern on a single wall, because if we apply it to all of them, we would create the opposite effect. If this seems too daring, we can use it in small accessories such as rugs or paintings.

As a last tip, it is essential that we do not add too many add-ons to the room , in order not to recharge it. In this sense it is convenient to add pieces that allow us to store our things and maintain order, such as some wall shelves, nest tables or auxiliary furniture.

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