The color palette of this season is very wide and combinable but, without doubt, has a protagonist: the gray.
Do you like the latest marriage bedrooms like the ones you see in decoration magazines? Getting yours to look the same is easier than you think. With a little imagination and following the ideas we give you, you can have a rustic double bedroom or a designer double bedroom in a few steps and create a cozy and very up-to-date atmosphere.

What materials to use for double bedrooms

Metals are a trend, so do not throw away the idea of ​​using them to decorate your marriage bedroom. Depending on the style you want you should use one or the other. The complements and decorations in gold and copper are very common. You can apply some golden touches the dressers and bedside tables. You can also use them in mirrors, cushions and, above all, lamps. Modern marriage bedrooms use metals with polished finish and pure forms. For the rustic or vintage style it is better that you choose aged finishes with a somewhat worn look. In this case the forge is also great, both in headlands and auxiliaries. The key is not to abuse the brightness.

Wood is another essential element. The furniture with straight lines and glossy lacquers is ideal to achieve very avant-garde and sophisticated environments. The double bedrooms (see here), meet all the requirements you can wish for. For ethnic or rustic environments it is better to use wood that reveals the veins, with very natural finishes and matt lacquers. Textiles with floral prints or animal print fit perfectly in this type of decoration.

Another must for a rustic marriage bedroom are the uneven bedside tables. You can use recovered furniture and give them a new use as a table: stools, suitcases or chests will be great.

The most modern environments require more discrete prints, with stripes, for example, and neutral curtains. On cushions, carpets and blankets uses natural materials such as cotton or wool.

How to combine the colors for the decoration of double bedrooms

The color palette of this season is very wide and combinable but, without doubt, has a protagonist: the gray.

The gray color, in all its nuances, from the lightest to the darkest tones, predominates in the decoration due to its elegance and sophistication. Light colors are ideal for small double bedrooms. In large rooms you can play without fear with the deepest nuances. In addition, this color will allow you to create combinations with almost all the palettes.

Another of the trend-setting colors is blue, from turquoise to the palest tones. The blue is ideal to combine with silver and gold in modern environments and with copper and aged to give your room an old and traditional look.

The tones of nature acquire great strength. Also, if you like the rustic style, they are indispensable. Light colors are very fashionable. It uses the range of toasters on the wall and combines with furniture and accessories in white. You can also use the range of greens combined with a metallic touch. Other seasonal colors are orange, pink and coral that, like turquoise, can be combined with gray shades with great results.

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