Ideas for decorating with mirrors

Mirrors are decorative elements in every home. If only in the bathroom, no house in which there is not any place. But you can give many decorative profits beyond this and, therefore, today we propose several ideas for decorating with mirrors, you’ll see some that you might not have happened and perhaps will serve as inspiration for your own home. Then we see in more detail. Do you want us to do this walk together?

The meaning of the mirrors according to Feng Shui

Mirror doors and sliding panels  Mirrors amplify the spaces visually
Feng Shui says that the mirrors represent our mind and that when we place at home is important to think about what image will be reflected in them . For example, if the image that we return is a plant or tree will attract positive energies, if we see buildings or any item that is not in good condition will impact on our health. We avoid also reflecting a table or figure that evokes us a bad memory, a ladder or problematic corner or something related to the fire. Do not put them in front of windows or doors or in front of the bed. The energy can bounce and in the first instance, will leave home and have a second prevent sleep.

In the kitchen

Given this, if you find it interesting, and we will see very cool ideas for decorating with mirrors. I want to start in the kitchen , being just a place where you never put this decorative element. As we saw earlier, Feng Shui discouraged that reflect elements of fire, so if you want to avoid this you can put the other wall is not in front of the stove . I personally think a very original way to decorate the kitchen, even if the teachings of Feng Shui not convince you too can place it on the wall that you like …

The bedroom is a room where there is usually mirrors

In the bedroom

The bedroom is a room where there is usually mirrors. They can be inside of a closet door, these great where you can see whole, but nothing practical decorative body. So if you want to expose you can opt for one standing with a spectacular setting , or one hung on the wall above a dresser. You can play with the shape and design and frame materials. According to Feng Shui, you should not be in either the headboard or wall opposite the bed.

In the bathroom

In this room you never need a mirror. But you can give an aesthetic purpose beyond the purely functional and place, for example, a set of bulbs around to give extra lighting and looks like the typical mirror of the dressing room of a theater, or install frameless one for a bath minimalist style . Or do you think of these spectacular mirrors hanging from the ceiling? They are wonderful.

Mirror doors and sliding panels

Mirrors amplify the spaces visually . You can place a big one on a sliding panel (or door) to serve you for separating environments at home. When closed the feeling of spaciousness will be higher.

More ideas in pictures

Built-in furniture, oval or geometric shapes beyond the rectangle, forming compositions with several different sizes. The ideas for decorating with them mirrors are many and varied, so I’ll leave you with this gallery of photos where you can see some more detail . My favorites are big with wide wooden frames style vintage . And you, what do you like best?

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