How to repair scratches on the parquet

The wooden floors are chosen by many people indoors, but have the disadvantage that may be susceptible to scratches or scrapes that deteriorate the material. To do this, it is best to put into practice some care, for example, avoid carrying sharp objects or furniture and protect the legs of sofas, tables and chairs with felt pads to not to scratch and not wear heels or preserve soils carpets, especially during meetings with many people. In addition, always keep the record of its characteristics: type of wood, accurate color, and so on. Will serve for possible future repairs.

the scratch is deeper and waxes not return an optimal result

However, with the passage of time and although we have extreme care, it is inevitable that a scratch occurs. There are methods that help eliminate or disguise.

Of course, it depends on the nature of the scratch. Observe it and determines if it is a superficial scratch, in which the material is intact, but not the color or, on the contrary, is deeper and even becomes what a court.

Class 1: Scratch surface

It is the most common but also the easiest to repair. It appears for various reasons, for example, dust or stones entering the house without realizing it. Sweep and clean the floor often preserve this type of scratches.

Varnishing of oak parquet floor, workers hand and brush

Such scratches are easy to remove. Just go to your nearest drugstore and buy a specific product to do so, are sold in liquid, the same color as the parquet of the house. Apply with a cloth, the floor will remain as new. Remember to clean the floor before to remove traces of dust.

Class 2: Deep Scratch

It can be caused by dragging something across the floor, like a suitcase or a chair, especially if they have protruding objects.

Then it will not with this kind of scratch to fix the color, we will have to use some sort of wax or fill material. Equally at home specialty stores you can find this solution.

Class 3: Court

If the scratch is deeper and waxes not return an optimal result, the only way is to sand the floor to fill it later. It is a more complicated process, but do not have to sand the entire floor and can give very good solutions. First try rubbing with sandpaper in a circular motion to remove some small cut edges, then clean with a cloth with alcohol and let dry. Then, filled with paint or putty. If you dare not, talk to a professional to help you repair this type of cut.

With proper prevention and these tricks to keep in mind, your parquet can last many years.

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