How To Remove Makeup Stains From Clothes – Easy Tips

Don’t despair when you stain your clothes with makeup or lipstick. Take a look at some tricks on How to Remove Makeup Stains From Clothes quickly and without damaging the fabric.

To remove makeup from clothing, simply apply some simple products that you surely have in your home.

How to remove makeup stains from clothes

Water and Detergent

  • Soak a cotton ball in the water, put a little neutral detergent on it and run through the stained area. Just move in one direction.
  • Little by little the stain will come out; otherwise, place the part in the machine and remove the rest during washing.
  • If you are going to wear the clothes urgently, run a bit of two-phase makeup remover on the stain and dry it with the hair dryer.

Glicerine soap

  • This is a great solution to How To Remove Makeup Stains From Clothes , especially eyeliner and mascara.
  • Apply the glycerin soap to the still dry piece and rub with a small brush with soft bristles or a toothbrush.
  • When the stain is completely removed, wait 15 minutes, rinse clothes normally, and put them outside to dry.


  • Put a little hydrogen peroxide on the stain, soak the garment for 5 minutes, and then wash the garment normally under running water.
  • Note: If the stain does not come out completely, you can rub the piece, but be careful not to damage the fabric.

Detergent and Towel

  • To know the process of How to Remove Makeup Stains From Clothes with this technique, it is necessary to choose a clean and dry towel .
  • Then put some detergent on the stained area, press lightly to penetrate the fabric.
  • Next, add a little warm water, rub lightly on the stained part, press the towel on the stain with the detergent to absorb the residue.

Lacquer and Water

Apply lacquer on the stain, rub lightly with a toothbrush, remove lacquer from clothing under running water.

Shaving cream

  • Another technique of How To Remove Makeup Stains From Clothes When it comes to a liquid base without oil, is shaving cream.
  • To do this, apply the cream on top of the stain to cover everything. Try to use a creamy product, instead of the gel cream.
  • Wait for it to work for 3 minutes, rub the cream well on the stain, wait a few more minutes. Then rub the cream well onto the stain, use a soft cloth or your fingers, rub firmly so that the cream penetrates the tissue fibers.
  • Remove the cream and rinse with cold water. Dry thoroughly with a towel, pressing to suck up excess water.
  • If the stain does not come out completely, repeat the process with the cream, but rinse with warm water. Then put the clothes for normal washing.

Alcohol or Vaseline

  • This is another technique of How to Remove Makeup Stains From Clothes when the product is lipstick.
  • It is very easy to remove with these two products. To do this, rub the stain with a cloth dampened with alcohol or petroleum jelly and rub gently, so that the stain does not spread further.

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