How to open a safe if you forgot the combination

Sometime, you have heard to whisper by saying that how to open a safe if you forgot the combination or how to break open a safe. When buying a safe, it is essential to find out in addition to the types of locks they contain, the thickness of their walls or the security they offer, also about the most common methods of opening safes that criminals use.

At the end of the day, the techniques used today are not the same as before, and more than one is sure to acquire a safe without knowledge of these methods and it turns out that your safe is the easiest to open. For this reason, and so that you can think with a little more knowledge on the subject of which safe to acquire for your business or your home, here we leave you with the most common methods of opening safes.

 how to open a cannon safe without the combination

HOW TO OPEN A CLOSED SAFE: if you forgot the combination

The first method that we are going to bring you only works with the older safes, how to open a safe if you forgot the combination, since it is a technique that used to be used very often but nowadays there are more efficient methods. It consists of breaking the bolts or hinges of the safe, for which you must use a wide-lever screwdriver, which you will introduce in the corner where the hinges are located with a hammer. Once inserted, you will only have to apply pressure to cut the bolts that hold the door.

The second method that we recommend is, if the safe has a watch, with the help of a pointed piza, lift the left side of the sheet as much as you can, until you see a screw that you must remove. Once subtracted, take a steel wire, smaller than the hole, and put it inside as if you were looking for the dial.

You must apply little by little pressure until you notice that it stops with the first disc, and you begin to turn the clock slowly to the right side. There will come a time when the wire and groove of the disk meet, and it will fall down to the center combination, which means you have found the first number. We will repeat these steps but in reverse every time until you have obtained all the numbers of the code.

Finally, the third way to open a safe is to make a hole with a drill in the ring next to the clock, right in the center, and when you go through the ring we must continue to the door at an angle. center of the clock. Once you have access to the interior of the safe, you must manipulate the watch with the help of a steel cable as in the previous method.

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