How to open a lock with the key inside?

you will have to introduce the plastic sheet that you have created with the bottle and introduce

This time we will see how to open a lock with a key inside, because depending on the type of lock if you can open the door to access the interior of the house. And it is that to tell the truth, it is rare to the person who by an oversight has closed the door with the key put in the lock on the other side and has not been able to open the door.

Advantages of calling a locksmith to open the door

If you have closed the door and now you can not access your home, you have to know that inside the bad you have been lucky, because your lock will be in simple mode, so to speak. That is to say that the final bill that you will have to pay to your locksmith will be much smaller than if the key was on and also the lock was with several turns of key.

In this way, just call your locksmith you can see how he comes quickly to your home and will get to work. As we have said, if the lock is in simple mode, the door will be opened in a matter of minutes , which means that the locksmith will not have much work. Yes, we remind you that if you want to pay as little as possible, the best thing you can do is call more than one locksmith, in order to compare prices. And that is how you can realize that the price variation is very high, hence you can choose the option that seems most professional and especially that offers the cheapest price.

Steps to open a lock with the key inside

Although the choice of the locksmith is the most sensible, you have to know that you can also try to open the door on your own. Of course, to make this option, you have to know that the lock does not have to be cast with a key lock, because in this case the trick that we are going to show you below will not work .

To start, you will have to buy a bottle of liter and a half soda and the next thing you have to do is cut it to get a sheet, through which you will begin to work in the process of opening the door.

Of course, you have to take into account that you can damage the frame, while it is important that the process is done carefully, with the aim of avoiding any type of cut.

To begin, you will have to introduce the plastic sheet that you have created with the bottle and introduce it at the height of the slip of your door. We recommend that you insert the sheet little by little. When you notice that the plastic has passed through the door, the next thing you have to do is go down slowly with saw movement. When you see that the plastic passes over the slip, you can see that the door moves more and more. This is a good sign, keep doing this movement in order to get the door open.

If you see that the lock is resistant with this technique, it may be interesting to give a bath of soap and water to the plastic , as this will help the plastic slip better and therefore you may have more options to get your door open without having to spend a penny. The problem in this case is asking a neighbor for water and soap, since not everyone lives in a building.

Of course, you have to know that this technique is not easy at all. This means that the safest thing is that you have to repeat the technique more than once to get the door open.

If finally, after many attempts you see that you are unable to open the door with this technique, then you will have no choice but to call a locksmith , with the goal of opening it without problems. Remembering that this problem happens to many Spaniards every day, so you should keep in mind that you are not the only one or the only one.

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