How to keeps your home neat and tidy

Mite-free pillows: To prevent synthetic pillows from accumulating mites, which are responsible for many allergies, add a few drops of ammonia to the wash water. Another remedy is to dip them in vinegar before washing them.

Tiles without lime: So that the tiles of your bathroom, especially those that are in the area of ​​the bathtub or the shower, you will be left without lime and very bright remains, fry them with water in which you will dilute a jet of apple cider vinegar In addition to cleaning, it will leave a pleasant smell in the room, because this product is also an effective bathroom freshener.

Stains on the countertop: If your marble countertop has a grease stain, try to eliminate it by preparing a mixture of chalk and borax mixed with a little water. Cover the affected area and let it act for a while, checking its effect at times. Remove, rinse and dry well.

Rinse well, wash with dish washing detergent, rinse again and dry very well: the smell will have disappeared.

Slate floor: So that the slate floor is impeccable do not use detergents: it will be enough to rub it with a roots brush wet with water and let it dry. Remember how beautiful and bright are the slate roofs of the mountain houses.

Sisal spotting: To remove stains from a sisal carpet, use a mixture of ammonia and 50% water. Wet a cloth in the mixture and rub the stain moving the cloth in circles and from the outside to the inside to avoid spreading the stain. Do it several times until you eliminate the stain.

Clean broom: You have to wash it regularly with hot water and soap, preventing the club from getting wet. Then rinse well with clean water moving the bristles so they thoroughly remove the soap. Let it drain and dry it backwards combing the bristles so they do not lose shape.

Scrub the molds: If you are fond of pastry and use many molds, remember that you should never scrub them with a scourer that can scratch them. If the dough has stuck to them, fill them with hot water and, when soft, rub with a soft sponge moistened with dishwashing detergent. Let them drain a little and dry them with kitchen absorbent paper. That way they will always be like new when you use them.

Jam in the sink: If your sink got stuck, throw in a good dose of hot bleach and let it work for half an hour. Afterwards, pour two liters of boiling water. You will have solved the problem of the jam.

Scratches on CDs: If you’ve already tried all the ways to eliminate scratches from your music CDs, try this trick and you’ll probably get rid of them: gently rub the scratched area of ​​the CD with a cotton swab dampened with metal scrapers, then polish the surface with a soft cloth .

Keep the flowers: The fresh cut flowers that decorate the vases of your home will be preserved better and longer if in the conservation water you throw a few drops of gin. Try and you will convince yourself of the results.

Goodbye bugs!: If you want a miraculous recipe to eliminate cockroaches and ants from your home, mix boric acid powder with a little sugar. Apply it in the passage areas of these bugs and disappear without a trace.

Odors fried: Do you want to prevent the smell of fried from invading your kitchen and the rest of your home? Well, we have a trick as simple as placing a sprig of parsley in the pan when you heat the oil. You will not stop using it every time you cold food!

Parquet without brightness: If the parquet of your house is very worn and has absolutely lost its shine, recover it by applying a mixture of burning alcohol and linseed oil in equal parts. Let it act and remove the excess product with a cloth. Above all, try before in a small place until you are sure it looks good.

Sports without odor: So that your sneakers do not smell bad, wash shoes regularly and regularly and introduce boric acid inside (as if it were talcum powder), which you can find in the drugstores.

Impeccable burners: If you want the burners in your kitchen to be clean and bright, boil water with the juice of three lemons. Remove it from the fire and introduce the burners until the water has cooled completely. Then you just have to clarify: they will be clean and bright. This trick will not work if there is an excess of fat in the burners.

Raffia bag: If your natural raffia bag, the beach one, is somewhat dirty, give it back its original appearance by leaving it to soak in salt water. Gently rub the raffia strips with a nail brush. The dirt will disappear and you can let it dry in the shade.

Sharp scissors: If you like sewing and have sharp scissors, put a piece of sandpaper in your sewing box. Cut a few pieces of sandpaper once in a while with scissors and you’ll have them perfect, ready for an impeccable cut.

Synthetic sponges: To return to a synthetic sponge its soft touch and its original shape, immerse it in a basin with half a liter of water to which you will add three tablespoons of vinegar; then clarify it well.

Brighter stoneware: So that the stoneware floors shine, fry them with your usual detergent, wash them again with the mop well drained with water to which you will have added a splash of vinegar in the bucket. Another excellent trick is adding a tampon of fabric softener. You will see what luxury of floors!

Fat in the pan?: If there is grease on the outside of your pan that you can not eliminate, spray it with a spray to clean the oven. Let it act for an hour and remove it with kitchen absorbent paper. Then, scrub the pan with hot water and, if there are any remains, a chamois soaked in vinegar passes through them.

Impeccable jewels: Do you have to leave in a little while and want your jewelry to shine a little more? Use this trick that gives good results in a short time: impregnates a cloth with sodium bicarbonate and wraps the jewel with it; Rub gently on all sides, remove it from the cloth and remove the traces of baking soda with water. Dry well and ready!

Lacquered furniture: The best way to keep the lacquered furniture in good condition is to clean them using a mixture of linseed oil and turpentine oil, rubbing them with a dry cloth to make them shine.

Effective cloths: If you want the cloths you use to remove dust from your furniture absorb it much better, it is convenient to wash them with warm water to which you have to add a few drops of glycerin, so they will better trap the dust.

Always bright metal: The metal furniture is light in appearance and requires little maintenance, although the appearance of stains should be prevented. If your furniture already presents them, you can eliminate them by rubbing the metallic area with a cloth dampened in turpentine. If the stains are rust, cover them with a mixture of salt and lemon juice, let it act for a few minutes and remove it.

Restore the porcelain: If you have a piece of porcelain that has been scratched or cracked, you can recover it if you dip it in a saucepan with milk and let it boil on a very slow fire for a long time: If the crack is not very deep, it will end up filling and seal with milk proteins.

More fluffy towels: Washing the towels has been greatly simplified with the washing machine, but we do not always get them to be fluffy: If that is your case and you want to give them back their soft touch, immerse them in salted water for a few hours. Then rinse and dry. You will see what gentleness!

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