How to keeps your home accessories neat and tidy

Cowboys that fade: If your new jeans fade, pour a handful of salt into the drum of the washing machine and wash them normally. The next time you wash them, they will not lose color!

Aluminum pots: When you want to recover the old shine that your aluminum pot has lost, you just have to boil a couple of apples in it, keeping the boil for a long time. Afterwards, wash with the dishwasher, rinse and dry very well. You can also keep the aluminum in good condition by drying it very well after proceeding to wash it.

Clean crystals: When you clean the windows of your windows there is a very useful trick to distinguish the remaining marks: Clean the interior glass horizontally and the exterior vertically. It will be very easy to distinguish where you have to go back to pass the cloth to eliminate reflections or marks.

Oxide in the marble: Do you have a marble countertop and have a few spots of oxide that you do not know how to eliminate? Try rubbing them with the tip of a cloth moistened in ammonia. Surely, they will not resist and will disappear quickly. Rinse and dry.

How to keeps your home neat and tidy

Stuck vacuum tube: It may happen that, when vacuuming, a large element is inserted to seal the tube of our vacuum cleaner. If you want to extract it easily but you can not get it, use a wire hanger with a hook: undo it and you can insert the hook by pressing it until you eliminate it.

Impeccable Silver: Remember, when you cook spinach, do not throw the water resulting from its cooking: it is great for cleaning silver objects. Put the water in a container and put in it the silver objects you want to clean for two hours. Then, dry by rubbing with a soft cotton cloth. The silver is very clean!

Wooden utensils: So that the wooden utensils that we use in the kitchen leave that grayish color that they acquire after the uses, introduce them in a soaking of a liter of hot water with 4 tablespoons of oxygenated water. Let them rest and you will see how they recover their natural color .

Wardrobe freshener: Do you want a natural air freshener for your cabinets? Take some apple pielets and let them dry in the sun for a few days. When you see that they are very dry, introduce them in small bags of fine cloth and hang them from the closet: the aroma is great and lasting.

Care of the silk:  Silk garments are really delicate and do not allow machine washing, centrifuges or high temperatures, both in their washing and in their ironing. When you have to iron a silk garment, always do it at a low temperature and without using steam.

Cotton that does not shrink: Cotton is a very easy to maintain fabric that only has one problem: it shrinks if it is washed with hot water. You have two solutions: Wash it with cold water or wash it the first time at 60 ° C. In this way, in successive washes it will not shrink again.

Blanqueco cooked clay: If you have found that the clay floor of your terrace or balcony has turned whitish, you can recover the original color by cleaning the entire surface with water and vinegar: The white spots caused by the lime of the water will disappear in a couple of days. To prevent them from appearing again, add a splash of vinegar to the water each time you clean it.

Clean brooms and brushes: If you want your brooms and brushes to be always clean, like the first day, introduce them for a couple of hours in a bucket full of water to which you will add a few tablespoons of ammonia. Then, rinse thoroughly with water and let them dry before using them again. Do it once a week and, always, with the windows open or the room well ventilated.

Cover that resists: If you have tried to open a glass jar with a metal lid and you have not been able to get it, try this way: insert the bottle, face down in a container with very hot water. After a few minutes, remove it and try to open it with a cloth : sure its opening will be the easiest.

Tiles that move: Has a tile been raised and you want to fix it as soon as possible? Go to your drugstore and buy silicone and white glue. Once at home, remove the tile, vacuum the inside so there is no remaining dirt and prepare yourself a paste with silicone and glue. Spread the mixture over the back of the tile and place it in its place. Let it dry and ready.

Nail file worn: If the file of your nails seems a little worn but you need to use it once more, stick a strip of adhesive tape or tape on its surface. Then, pull it hard … drag a large part of the piece that is more worn.

Wash sofa covers: Many of the armchairs and sofas that are sold today are removable. If you need a trick so that your covers are always perfect when you install them after a wash, take note: You have to place them while they are still slightly damp, so they will adapt to the sofa like a glove.

Remove the oxide: If you have found an old key and it is rusty, do not worry. You will return your appearance in a short time: introduce it in a glass full of cola, let it rest all night and the rust will disappear. If there are remains, repeat it.

Clean and bright gold: The pieces of gold end up forming a film that takes away the shine. If you want to return it, liquefy an onion and, with the resulting juice, soak a brush and apply it on the object. Allow it to act for an hour and, when the juice is dry, rub with a cloth until the shine. Works!

Impeccable casseroles: So that the interior of the pots and pans of stainless steel is conserved more bright time, you only have to cook in them-from time to time-some potatoes for a long time. Not only will they shine, but they will eliminate those round little spots of water that, sometimes, appear inside and that cost to eliminate.

Frying pans without odors: Yes, even though it is clean, you notice that the pan in which you are going to prepare your food smells of some food that you have previously cooked in it, fill it with water, put it on the fire and let it break to boil. Throw the water, rinse and dry.

No smell of garbage: If you notice that with the high temperatures, the garbage can smells more than before and sometimes no matter how you wash it there is no way to get the aroma … Place a lemon or orange rind inside the cube, as big as possible . You will see how with this easy solution your cube will not smell again in the summer.

Scrolls of parchment: The parchment screens for lamps provide a classic touch to the decoration, but, to look beautiful, should be cleaned periodically removing the dust without rubbing and with the help of the small brush of the vacuum cleaner. Then, to prevent the parchment from drying out and cracking, a cloth moistened in water mixed with liquid wax must be passed. This way you will keep it in good conditions.

Clean marble: If you have a marble countertop in the bathroom and you want it to be shiny, clean it thoroughly with a sponge moistened with soap and water, rinse well and apply a paste formed by the mixture of common salt and lemon juice. Let it act for a few minutes, remove, rinse and dry by rubbing with a soft cloth.

Christmas center: If you want a very Christmas rustic centerpiece, start preparing small sachets and fill each one with nuts with their peel (hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts or almonds) or dried fruits (dried apricots, dates, etc.) . Tie a colored cord around each bag and place them on the Christmas Eve table. You will have a very special Christmas and winter detail to give to your guests.

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