How to keep curtains and carpets clean

One of the most common maintenance tasks in all homes, are all those that have to do with cleaning. These tasks are more complicated when we are faced with different elements to wash and is that, it is obvious that a curtain is not cleaned like a carpet . These elements, in addition, tend to be the ones that require the most dedication, because they tend to be easy prey for mites or dirt, especially if we have small children or pets at home.

curtains and carpets

The washing process is very important, not only for cleaning itself, but for the proper maintenance of what we are washing. To do this, we have two very different and valid options, such as taking into account the washing symbols or taking what we want to wash in a laundry . Although these two options are equally valid, it is clear that one is much cheaper than the other. In this way, to understand the different elements that make up the labels, as far as these washing symbols are concerned, it is necessary, not only to be able to wash the clothes well, if not, so that this does not spoil during the washing process .

A correct wash increases the life expectancy of our clothes

Although a good quality clothing, which has good materials, will surely have a much longer lifespan compared to a clothing that does not have it, it is a fact that, depending on how we do the washing , it will last longer or less. In this way, if it is recommended to wash clothes cold or by hand, it is obvious that, if we end up putting the garment in the washing machine in hot water, we will be contributing to the end of the garment breaking much earlier with the passage of time.

The label is the instruction manual , as far as washing is concerned, of any garment. On this label, you find very valuable information. In it, we can see the composition of the garment, if it is made of cotton, it is synthetic or what type of fabric it contains and in addition to this, the washing instructions . We may be told that it admits up to a certain temperature or the need to do it by hand. Following the manufacturer’s instructions is completely necessary to be able to enjoy the total quality of the product.

These indications are equally important for the garment in question, as for the other components of the washing machine, because for example if the garment fades , it is possible that it ends up spoiling the rest of the garments that are being washed at the same time. In short, to correctly understand the indications of the garment, it is necessary to be able to enjoy it in the best conditions and be able to wash it safely. Resorting to professional cleaning services will avoid all kinds of problems, but, on the contrary, it will be much more expensive. However, it may be an option in those more delicate garments or in the most difficult stains.

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