How to decorate a study room the House

just having some basic furniture such as the desk, a comfortable chair (remember
All the houses need a place where we can work or study, that we are relaxed, comfortable and above all that we maintain the concentration in our occupations, the best thing is that if you have a room without use you can turn it into a study room, that is why we have decided to bring you some tips on how to decorate a study room and so you are encouraged to have your own space.

At present the houses are much smaller, but that is not a limitation, if you want to have a small study room… hands on the job! it is not necessary for your furniture to be large, just having some basic furniture such as the desk, a comfortable chair (remember that you will be sitting there for a long time), a lamp, as well as some shelves so you can organize your documents, magazines and books, all this provided you have everything at hand in a small space. Lighting is the first important factor in this place, since you will need natural light to work or study in optimal conditions, try to place your desk on the wall perpendicular to the wall of the window, to have a greater coverage of lighting, such as also, you can choose light colors for the walls, Since they are very small spaces do not look so tight with colors like dark blue or black, if you like the color you can choose a light gray tone by combining it with white. As for the shelves try to be hollow in the back to appreciate the colors of the walls and make contrast.

It is advisable to paint the walls with colors such as beige, white, soft yellow or ivory so that they do not distract the attention of those who occupy the space. We already know that study rooms have certain parameters, such as that they must be sober, quiet, relaxed, but we can put our essence in it, decorating with some small plants, photos, pictures and even adding textures to that solid space in which we We found, like carpets and curtains. These are some ideas on how to decorate a studio .

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