How to clean wool carpet stains at home

We imagine that by now you’ve removed the carpets from hiding, right? No wonder at all, since these elements provide a tremendous feeling of warmth, especially if they are made with materials like wool. Or you do not enjoy to get out of bed or sofa with bare feet and feel his touch? As if that were not enough, the carpets are capable of transforming the decor of any room, bringing a touch of elegance; protect areas of high use; They allow us to define spaces; thermally insulated.

The only bad thing is that these decorative elements require a lot of care, especially if they are placed in rooms where we spent many hours, for example, the living room. Knowing how difficult it can be to keep the carpets in good condition, today we give you the keys to those that are clean wool, which are those that provide more warmth. Would you like to join us?

How do I clean wool carpet at home without water

Advantages wool carpets

We have to admit! In NiceHomeDIY blog we are passionate about authentic carpets, and even more, of wool carpets, tissue appreciated since ancient times, which is not surprising when you consider its warm and soft touch, something that is appreciated to tread barefoot. It is also important to note that woolen carpets are a excellent insulating and moisture, depending on their appearance, can make the room a touch of color, elegance, sophistication, modernity, originality. And if you have children at home They enjoy playing on them, which, of course, you also can do. As if that were not enough, wool carpets are extremely durable.

Dusting and vacuuming

Now that we’ve already talked about all the advantages of wool rugs that we want to help you maintain a good state. What? For explaining you how to clean wool carpet. So, the first step will shake the carpet and thus remove traces of dust and dirt that has accumulated. The ideal is to do away from home and in a dry place so they do not get wet. Once shaken, then you must vacuum to remove all particles. In fact, vacuuming the carpet is something you should do regularly. Ideally, do a few times a week.


Even if you think it is not dirty, it is recommended to clean wool carpet thoroughly in every 12 to 18 months. To do this, you should use powdered dry cleaner specific natural fibers such as wool. With this product you will achieve end dirt and dust. The method of use is simple: applied, rubbed lightly and then aspirated. Yes, it is important that you consider these powders are not suitable for high-pile carpets or point.

Wool Carpet cleaning and care guide

Clean stains

The biggest problem of wool carpets are stained, but if you find yourself in this situation should not worry too much, since most usual stains are easily removed with water, yes, if you act immediately. So, when you realize, you should remove most of spilled material, then place a damp cloth on the stain and press gently, without rubbing (it is important to repeat the process a couple of times). Then you’ll have to let it dry (never use a dryer). If these steps the stain has not disappeared, then we recommend using a cleanser with solvent , ideal for paint stains, enamel, glue, blood … If not get this product with the carpet is clean, then you should consult with an professional.

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