How to clean and order the freezer

Yes, although sometimes we forget about it, the freezer must also be cleaned periodically (at least once a year). The reason is so that it works correctly (the accumulation of ice and frost makes it have to work harder and consume energy) as well as guarantee that the food we keep in it is kept in good condition.

How to clean and order the freezer


Empty it

The first thing to do, first of all, is remove the food that remains in it and, before cleaning, it must be defrosted.

Thaw it

To do this, turn off the freezer (or the entire fridge if it doesn’t have its own switch) and let the ice melt away.

Remove the ice and frost

To speed up the process, you can do it with the help of hot water or some utensil in the shape of a wedge (many refrigerator models bring it). But never with knives or other sharp or sharp elements, as they can damage its surface.

Remove accessories

As soon as there is no more ice or frost, remove the shelves and drawers, and wash them. If you have a dishwasher, you can do it in it with dish soap and warm water. It’s one of the things you wouldn’t say can be washed in a dishwasher. Another option is to do it by hand with water and baking soda, one of the most effective household cleaning products to clean.

Wash it inside and out

Once you have it empty, wash the interior with a mixture of water and bicarbonate, which apart from being very effective for cleaning is very respectful with the environment and with the surface of the freezer since it does not contain abrasive substances. And don’t forget the rubbers and gaskets as well as the exterior of the freezer.

Mount it and connect it

When you have it clean and dry, put the accessories back and connect it. However, do not place the food yet. It is recommended not to do so until at least 20 minutes have passed.