How to build a bed headboard

Build the headboard for a bed is a great way to save money and customize the room. There are many choices when it comes to this work, for example something as simple as an old door can be an excellent tool. In this post I give some ideas on how to build the perfect headboard for your bed.

Get an old solid wood door. In case you do not get any in good condition you can paint and stain color that you like to match the decor of the room. Having done this, the door bolted to the wall or holds it to the frame of your bed.

Get an old solid wood door

Another option to build the bed headboard is in the piece of wood. To give a good finish cut a piece of foam the same size timber, paste and wrap in cotton batting to smooth the edges, finally covered with the fabric chosen.

To attach the fabric using a staple gun and subject the bed headboard to the wall.

Painted wooden tables are also an interesting alternative to the headboard. Arm them to resemble a fence and helping staples or nails to the wall.

For a more simple and practical, assemble the headboard with a curtain rod installed on top of the roof and let the fabric fall down behind the bed. Use the same fabric or a fabric that matches the curtains of the windows or in the padding of the bed and the pillows.

Finally, if you already have a headboard but it is old you can paint or dye to give it a new look.

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