How to avoid noise pollution or Acoustic pollution


“Acoustic pollution” occurs due to undesirable sounds that generate an auditory discomfort that can affect different levels. It is measured in decibels (dB) and sound levels above 100 dB can cause permanent hearing loss.

The noise pollution is a big problem because it creates irritability, interferes with the tranquility of the individual and decreases the quality of life. For example, noise can interrupt sleep and prevent you from having an effective rest.

Acoustic pollution also affects marine animals and wildlife to the same extent that it affects humans

Acoustic pollution also affects marine animals and wildlife to the same extent that it affects humans.

Nowadays, noise occurs almost everywhere , especially in urban areas, influenced by transport activities such as airports, traffic and railroads, industrial manufacturing, construction sites and concerts. However, there are numerous practical ways to avoid auditory contamination . Here are several easy steps we can take to reduce noise pollution.

Close the windows

By simply closing the windows, we can reduce the amount of noise that enters our homes and buildings. It keeps unwanted sound away. The best thing you can do is open windows only during the time you do not stay at home.

Put on earplugs

The use of earplugs is a cost-effective solution to reduce noise pollution. You can use a pair of earplugs while you sleep or at any time of the day when you want to reduce the amount of noise that affects your eardrums.

Earplugs have their health benefits especially for those who wish to have a habit of sleeping soundly in noisy areas.

Improve the acoustic insulation of your home

The measures of acoustic insulation and soundproofing are some of the basic and most practical ways to avoid noise pollution in the home.

The soundproofing that helps block vibrations and sound noise. Improving acoustic insulation, means installing soundproofing materials on the walls, the ceiling and even on the floor. The use of double-pane windows can also help absorb noise.

Use headphones with noise cancellation

Most people may not realize this, but sound canceling headphones are good at avoiding noise pollution . It is essentially important for industrial and construction workers. Noise canceling headphones filter unwanted noise before it reaches the ears.

Put carpets from wall to wall

Wall to wall carpets are presented as another simple and practical way to reduce noise pollution . Such a company contributes greatly to reduce incoming noise in our homes or offices.

Reduce noise pollution: Install a fence

This may seem extreme, but qualifies as a practical way to reduce noise pollution. Noise is produced by strong sound waves or vibrations that can be significantly reduced by barriers. By installing a fence, you will create a barrier that absorbs strong sound waves or vibrations, thus reducing noise pollution in your office or home.

Be creative with the design of the office or the house

One way to reduce noise at home or in an office is to innovate with the overall design. For example, noisy machines can be located in areas that are not close to living, resting or working rooms.

Use anti-noise floors

Floors can offer impressive ways to reduce noise pollution. Carpets, for example, generally reduce the substantial amount of noise, but better results can be obtained by using floors that do not improve noise insulation, such as vinyl. Vinyl is an alternative to carpets and offers better results in reducing noise pollution due to its sound absorption qualities.

Use  sound-absorbing furniture

The furniture is excellent sound absorbers since they reduce the echo and sound vibrations. Therefore, armchairs, shelves, sofas … can have an effect on the acoustics of open spaces. For example, in the case of a noisy neighbor, place a large shelf against the wall to reduce noise from your home or building.

Use of modern acoustic wall panels: Not all wall panels are incredibly useful for reducing noise pollution. Due to technological advances, there are modern designs of acoustic wall panels available in the market that can effectively reduce noise pollution.

Turn off the electronics devices or reduce the volume

Video consoles, computers, hi-fi systems and televisions can contribute to noise pollution when large volumes are used. The solution is to turn them off when they are not in use and also keep them in a moderate volume to avoid noise pollution. In addition, when you turn them off, you will also be saving electricity costs.

Plant more trees

Trees have been planted to be effective in reducing noise levels within urban environments, around major highways and even in the places where we live. Therefore, numerous plants and trees in one area involve less noise pollution. In addition to that, trees have several aesthetic advantages and improve air quality.