Household Cleaning Products and Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning products for both professional cleaning or Industrial form as household cleaning is a basic need of vital importance, since they offer both effectiveness and efficiency in cleaning and maintenance. Its applications range from products Cleaning classics such as detergents and soaps, to more specific products such as degreasers and sanitizers, or floor or laundry products, cleaning ultra-sound, etc.

Products from detergents type

There are many detergents specific hand and grooming, either in the form of Neutral Soap, Gel cleaner standard, including disinfectant or degreasing power for workshops, factories, etc. They often include additives that improve the protection and care of the skin, as lanolin, etc.

largest collects thorium cleaning products

Laundry detergent

This is the full range of industrial laundry detergents, from products for prewash, surfactants detergents, bleaches and fabric softeners.

The dishwasher

These cleaning products for their use in industrial and domestic dishwasher, which is often used in combination of two more products: crockery brightener, and an inhibitor of the formation of lime deposits, in addition to improve washing, dishwasher protects the formation of limestone deposits inside.


They are prepared sodium hypochlorite, with about 3-4% hypochlorite. With proven functions as a disinfectant, fungicide and bactericide, it is used for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, floors, etc. Usually it presented with additives that soften its strong smell and detergents including facilitating their professional and domestic use.


This usually sold in liquid form, like bleach, has a high degreasing capacity; therefore often it used in cleaning kitchens and tiles, as upholstery and carpets.

Multipurpose products

widespread both in domestic cleaning and professional cleaning, multipurpose products help save both use the same product for various tasks, such as to avoid storage space, more weight in the movement of workers, etc. This is normally liquid products, with cleaning properties on various surfaces such as tiles, glass, mirrors, chrome, aluminum and even wood and furniture.


widespread in the industry, air fresheners can be used in virtually all types of locations including associated cleaning process, in bathrooms, stairs and corridors, hotels and offices, etc. Normally present in commercially spray container, although there are formats for automatic air fresheners, at fixed locations, bathrooms, etc.


This type of cleaning products Satisfy all kinds of cleaning needs, covering the most diverse markets such as: food, laboratories, industries, health centers, cleaning companies, hotels, food processing services, etc.

Bathroom facilities

This is all the supplies and accessories necessary to equip bathrooms, kitchens, dressing rooms, production areas and medical filters, toilet paper, bath soap, bath dispencer, etc.

Cleaning Tools

Here tools suitable for use in all types of cleaning cleaning.
Sprayers and containers, cloths, rags and abrasives, Micro fiber rolls and rolls of paper and napkins

Health Tools

They used to be implemented in all those sectors where it is required to comply with strict quality standards, and the development and production of food, laboratories, food service, etc.

Cleaning products for gastronomy

These will provide solutions in the following areas: storage, preparation and cooking, transportation and presentation, among others.

Floor cleaning products

In this are: Mats and rugs, Micro fiber cloths and floor, floor dryers, brooms and sponges, Cabos and Accessories, Palas waste mop press Carros, Wash Mops, Mops Application, Mops Sweep, etc.


Different types of machines that help make easier maintenance such as: mechanical sweepers, vacuums, vacuums Barre, Wash Carpets, Lustra Washers, Auto Washing Machines, Hydro Washers, etc.

Safety when cleaning

Indispensable when carrying out cleaning floors, bathrooms and general maintenance tasks safely. Effective risk protection system: they are easy to use, carry, keep, with high visibility. As cones, Signs and barriers.

Functional carts

Mobile workstations that provide great versatility of uses and serve both: restaurants, hotels, health centers, factories, construction companies, laboratories, schools, etc.

Waste baskets and containers

Manage waste safely and highly efficient. Facilities versatile solutions.

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