DIY Christmas decorations you can make with your kids

If you have children at home, few things are more fun than decorating Christmas with them, right? And if you do not have them and love decorate your home for the holidays, too! Today I bring a special DIY for Christmas, an original tree and totally different to traditional firs. Oh, and quiet, because it’ll also be able to decorate, but also be something different … You want to know how this craft is so cool? Well read on, I’ll explain everything then …

 Christmas Decorating Tips‎

The materials you need for decorating Christmas Tree:
To make this Christmas tree you’ll need:
– Two packs of clips 3M (adhesive hooks)
– colored wool
– Scissors
– Glue
– Washi tape
– Tweezers

Making this original Christmas tree

The special Christmas DIY Today I show I have seen in My Poppet Makes a very cool blog that has very nice and original crafts. The first thing you have to do is mark the position where you want to place the hooks, do it with a pencil at a distance of 10 centimeters, hit eight clips on the bottom and 11 on the sides. This it can vary, of course, if you want another size for your tree. The star that crowns this creation can do the nine hooks, this will require a little skill to make it balanced, if you use a Design it to 40 degrees from the center conveyor and will be easier.

Yarn chain

Once you have glued all the clips that make up the structure of your tree (recommended they rest half an hour before going) begins placing wool, creating a beautiful connection wires are joined together through the tree hooks and star. Use two different colors for DIY Christmas decorations.

Decorate the tree

We continue having fun! Now it decorate. Here are many alternatives, though proposed in this blog I liked a lot. First decorates several wooden pegs with washi tape of patterns and colors that you like. Then they fastened in a pompom, a paper flower, feathers, or whatever comes to mind. If you put the pompom on the top of the clip you can leave the party subject to place some Christmas cards or messages for your loved ones. What do you think about the idea?

Decorate a Christmas Tree DIY design

And when Christmas is over …

When it’s time to take this tree so beautiful it’ll be easy. The hooks will not leave marks or holes you had to do DIY Christmas decorations, so you can leave your perfect wall and ready to create a different tree next year.

A DIY gift

And since we are almost at Christmas I will another DIY gift that has made ​​me laugh and I feel super fun to make with the kids in the house. Decorated Peanuts ! Sure you have made ​​provisions for the camels of the Three Kings caught forces overnight so sure you have many at home … Take any of them and turn them into a snowman, a reindeer or a Santa Claus. Just paint the peanut tempera color you want and make accessories (hats, scarves…) with felt, cotton or wool yarn that will stick to the shell so as not to fall. With a black marker painted face and make a ring with a wire to embed it in the top, carefully, and to hang our new adornment.

Christmas Creativity

Christmas fosters creativity. If you want to get away from the usual trimmings of these dates, these are all equal and no personality, I invite you to play and experiment and do it yourself. It is very easy and very fun.

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