What I should know to decorate my spaces in minimalist style?

Often we hear terms that are used right and left in design, but we do not have a clear idea of what they mean, but the trend, fashion, the most used also leads us to use these words and sometimes we make mistakes, words like contemporary, chic, vintage or minimalist are in everyone’s mouth, but in our minds they tend to be confused do you want to learn to recognize this style and know if it is the right one to adopt it in your living room and other areas of the house? for this reason we want to show you how to decorate the room with the best style.

Red is an energizing color by nature, it is a warm color extremely striking and stimulating

The term minimalist refers to everything that is reduced to what is essential, that is, to what has been taken away from everything else, is derived from the artistic movements following the Second World War, where it was tried go to the most essential and basic, so began to use simple geometric shapes, pure colors and very natural elements.
In terms of design, minimalism refers to spaces where the entire structure is the minimum required, heavily influenced by the architecture and design of Japanese environments. We recommend a place or space perhaps working with few furniture, straight lines , with few colors and with one or another decorative element, no more!

Light is an important element in this style, so the presence of large windows with transparent curtains and the choice of white color as a base is one of its constants, apart from this is a representative color, other neutrals can intervene as the black, gray and brown, these basic colors can be accentuated with just a few highlights in other colors such as red, orange or yellow.

If materials are treated, minimalism prefers steel and metal, everything natural, cement, stones, wood and rustic, smooth and unprinted textiles.

Order is a protagonist element, nothing seems to be out of place, there is nothing exposed that suggests that something may be out of control, the impression of the environment is total and absolute cleanliness, with nothing to distract the look. You can place some decorative objects, but they must be very few so as not to obstruct the view of the whole space.

The artificial light used in minimalist spaces is preferably white, so that the environment looks similar at day and at night, this type of light changes less the perception of the actual color that we have in the whole environment, although minimalism is and has been in vogue still, we consider that it can make the spaces somewhat cool, especially if you have small children to teach to keep spaces so clear and with so much order can be quite restrictive. With these few tools you will be already an expert to recognize a style like this.

red presents different tones, in its darker tone reaching the red becomes even more elegant

How to decorate the room with the color red

Red is an energizing color by nature, it is a warm color extremely striking and stimulating, associated with seduction, luck and love.

It is a color that stands out above the others, so when it is mixed, it is obvious that it must be done with other neutral colors that give it the leading role it requires, without entering into competition with it, so it is recommended to wear it almost obligatorily linked to white and very light gray, even also to black, although it sounds contradictory. The combination of these colors results in a modern, balanced and always elegant space.

It is convenient to use it in walls as a focal point, this is by painting only a part of the wall or a complete wall, but not to abuse it as the basic color of an entire room, because it will be an impossible task to be able to relax in that place. Usually, the rule that never fails is to use it in the accessories, carpets, lamps, cushions, curtains, some furniture or shelves to give touches of color.

Like other colors, red presents different tones, in its darker tone reaching the red becomes even more elegant and will give more impression of luxury, while scarlet red or vermilion red will be more cheerful and jovial. The red with touches in terracotta brown, works very well in more rustic spaces and combines very well with shades of creams and others from the color of the earth contributing more neutrality to all environments.

Red overloaded or poorly used especially in very small areas or rooms, without natural light or even without windows could generate fear, uncontrolled passion and even excessive anger, which can be unsettling for people with mental health problems or neurosis.

The ideal stays to use this color are the areas where there is a constant traffic of people and where they establish communication relations, not only in the room is very good, but also in the kitchen and dining room, although it is very important to note that some touches of color in the main room is usually very striking.

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