Could you have insurance for all your appliances?

When we settle in our new house, we are very concerned about being covered in case of any possible incident that may arise. One of the first things we do is to hire home insurance and if we neglect a little and the person who attends us is a good commercial, insurance that we also go out with extra fire insurance, burglary insurance, liability insurance civil and even home appliances insurance . But do we really need it?

our home insurance has certain coverage that includes the possible breakdowns of our appliances, although it is true that not every incident is covered

It is true that, even giving good use to our appliances, it is common for them to suffer breakdowns for different reasons, being perhaps one of the most common voltage increases. Their daily use means that they can also be damaged or that some of their pieces fail. This always supposes a great upset to us, not only because of the discomforts that it generates, but also because often they entail a great economic outlay.
Many companies take advantage of this to offer us insurance for our appliances with possible coverage that our home insurance may not cover.

Is it worth having insurance?

However, we should all ask ourselves this question, is it worth having insurance? When they offer you one, check carefully what are the coverages that it offers you.
Do not be “coaxed” with technical and complicated words that are often used in insurance policies and that many times, out of mere ignorance, we think they are offering us something that we would not otherwise have covered if we did not hire it.

As a general rule, our home insurance has certain coverage that includes the possible breakdowns of our appliances, although it is true that not every incident is covered, but this does not necessarily mean that we must contract a separate appliance insurance .

Warranty Extensions

The vast majority offer us coverage very similar to those offered by the warranty extensions when we buy a washing machine, a refrigerator, any other appliance or electrical appliance. And for you to get an idea, or leave a list of the most common:

  • Repair of electrical appliances
  • Displacement and labor
  • Parts and materials
  • Compensation or replacement if repair is not possible (for example, because parts for that particular model have been discontinued)

Repair of failures caused by blackouts or power surges

As I said, these are the main coverage offered by home appliance insurance in most cases, although you always have to study each policy well because depending on the insurance company and the price of the insurance, they may have different coverage.

Of course, you should also know that, like any other type of insurance, it also has exclusions and, beware of this! Because many times, the list of cases in which the insurance does not cover the incidence is much longer than that of the coverage.
Therefore, I insist that you always read and carefully, the small print. This will help us save more than one disgust, since we have a bad habit of not paying too much attention to these details that are actually more important than we think. Better to waste some time studying these things, than to regret it later, when there is no remedy.

Nor do you think that what I am telling you is that you should not take out home appliance insurance under any circumstances, I just want to convey the idea that most of the time with a manufacturer’s warranty extension we are covered before the same things and yet We find it much cheaper than hiring external insurance.

Another advantage that prevails over the hiring of an insurance, is that the repair will always be carried out by a professional sent by the brand itself and also guarantee that the parts or spare parts are always of top brands and quality.
In addition, they have a 24-hour telephone support service 7 days a week. And all this I insist, for much less cost than what we are going to invest in taking out insurance.
Don’t you think enough reasons to choose a warranty extension? In the end it is about being covered with the lowest possible cost, and this, the manufacturer’s warranty extensions assure us.